Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Colorado Marijuana Taxes Start Out With a Bad Drug Trip

Sometimes I have to laugh when government plans go up in smoke.

“Smoke!” Ha!

Why is that so funny? Because I’m talking about marijuana. Pot. Mary Jay. And all those other cool terms I never learned because I was homeschooled.

Some education I got.

(Almost) all silliness aside, when the Colorado government pushed to legalize marijuana, it wasn’t thinking about crackpot (ha!) libertarian ideals. It was thinking about taxes, and all the additional income it could bilk off of dumb college students and other druggies who would rather escape into temporary, hazy dream worlds than deal with long-term reality.

According to the Denver chapter of CBS, the state thought it would bring in over $33 million in additional taxes in just the first half year.

Instead, it came up more than $21 million under that estimate.

See why I’m laughing?

This was totally predictable to anyone who didn’t have their eyes, ears and minds stopped up with socialized bureaucracy nonsense. Of course lawless ninnies are going to keep frequenting their friendly neighborhood drug dealers instead of stopping at tax-paying establishments.

It’s cheaper!

That alone is a majorly big deal, especially in an economy that’s still seeing far too many unemployed, including a heck of a lot of recent college grads. And then there’s the fact that the government does very little for anyone but itself these days, so very few people give it any loyalty back.

I mean, why follow the law when lawmakers are only in it for themselves?

It’s a very valid question that politicians refuse to take into consideration. So clearly they’re smoking something too, just not anything as benign as pot.

In short, legalizing marijuana was an utterly idiotic idea from a tax-revenue standpoint alone.

Now I’m off to find some brownies.

(Just kidding, Dad. I wouldn't know how to find any even if I wanted to.)

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