Thursday, September 18, 2014

NFL Gets It All Wrong in Response to Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson Abusive Behavior

I’m officially getting tired of the whole Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson/NFL Domestic Abuse stories.

Not to say I don’t have strong opinions about the perpetrators. Both of them allegedly have multiple children with multiple women, so clearly they don’t respect women. Or themselves.

A man who respects himself doesn’t go around having sex with whatever comes his way. He considers more than his physical urges, which means that he doesn’t go slugging women in the face or giving small children black eyes.

I’d love to therefore say that I appreciate the NFL’s response to these outed examples of horrible off-field behavior. But I can’t, and not just because the League happily ignored most of the criminal behavior until its own neck was on the line.

As I understand it, the NFL has since essentially created a nanny state governance system, where players will be pretty much monitored by supervisors – female ones, of course – to supposedly ensure that they don’t hit their sexed-up sidekicks or smack around their kids.

But how about this solution: How about we start treating the source instead of the symptoms?

Our society is filled with harmfully immature individuals. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson are the norm, for heaven’s sake, maybe not when it comes to physical acts of violence, but certainly when it comes to their general lack of self-control.

Not to keep trash-talking former Baltimore Ravens’ players (though as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I can’t say I’m balking at it either), but do you know what piece of advice Ray Lewis says he would give his younger self?

“Use a condom.” That’s the best non-football contribution he thinks he can give himself.

How about “Keep it in your pants!” Or better yet, “Life is about more than just physicality. It’s worth something greater than instant gratification.”

Those are the lessons we need to be teaching society these days. Not the “Hitting girls is mean” message the NFL is busy throwing at its players, but “Think before you act as a general rule.”

If we commit to spreading that message, we’ll end up seeing a lot less of cases like Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, and a lot more examples like Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning.

Football isn’t the problem, people (unless we’re talking about Ravens’ fans). Society's wanton disregard for dignity is. And it’s high time we threw the flag at the real fouls going on.

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