Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Staten Island Students Define Feminism as Dressing Classless in School

About 200 Staten Island students are bucking their high school’s dress code, and calling it feminism.

You see, Tottenville High School enforces a ban on low-cut shirts and crop tops, skinny jeans and wearing leggings as pants, all of which are apparently riveting examples of what true womanhood is all about. Because nothing screams “Girl power!” like form-fitting, skin-baring outfits that make boys focus on physical offerings instead of the whole package. Right?

Wait a minute… That doesn’t sound quite right…

But these girls don’t want to wait a minute. They don’t want to think. And they don’t want to know their vocabulary, since they’re crying “Sexist!” about a dress code that also bans male-oriented apparel such as do-rags, spiked jewelry, muscle shirts and wallet chains.

The protesting students might not have much class, common sense or school smarts, but they make do with what they do have. Completely misguided passion for pointless pursuits, as captured in the tweets below:

·         “Maybe instead of worrying about what I’m wearing, you should worry about the fact that I’m going to graduate high school with next to no life skills whatsoever”
·         “when the principal pays for my clothes, then he can tell me what to wear if my mom let’s me walk out of the house then you have no say”
·         “WEAR WHAT U WANT!! Rules are meant to be broken!!!”

To these girls, I have the following responses:

·         Maybe YOU should start worrying about your academic standing and ultimate ability to cope in the real world. That’s ultimately your decision, darlin’, not the school’s.
·         When you start paying for your own education, then you can dress as badly as you want.
·         If rules are meant to be broken, then other people can treat you as badly as you seem determined to treat yourself. You’re not the only person to consider in this situation.

Clearly, somebody needs to tell these girls what they’re headed toward if they don’t start figuring out that life is more about shallow trends, beauty and materialism. Maybe the parents? Novel thought, I know.

Otherwise, they’re going to turn into beautiful but classless train wrecks who get physically, emotionally and every-other-which way abused by others, all because they think their worth is wrapped up in how much they get noticed.

Just ask Rihanna, who got nationally humiliated by the NFL last week for being the continuing poster girl for domestic abuse.

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