Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Ridiculous Hypocrisy of Greepeace

This is another no-duh blog, thanks to the ridiculous hypocrisy of Greenpeace International.

Greenpeace is an over-bloated, overly sanctimonious and overly ignorant organization to begin with. I mean, come on… It still believes in global warming despite an enormous and growing amount of evidence to the contrary.

Or does it?

The fully sanctioned actions of its international program director, Pascal Husting, certainly seem to indicate that perhaps Greenpeace leadership isn’t so gung-ho about its pointless mission as it pretends to be. It’s just come to light that Husting used a chartered jet to fly back and forth between his Luxembourg home and Amsterdam office for two years.

That’s a 500-mile round trip.

And 313 pounds of carbon dioxide generated.

For a total cost of $20,000.

How many trees could have been saved if he just had chosen a different mode of transportation?

Personally, I could care less since I don’t believe there’s any such problem as global warming. But Husting and the rest of Greenpeace management say otherwise, which means that they should be putting their money where their obnoxious mouths are.

Speaking of money, the organization operates on a $95 million annual budget, according to the Washington Times. But it might have to drop that down a mil or two this year since almost 700 donors in the Netherlands alone have canceled their donations after hearing about the Husting hypocrisy scandal.

Sadly, however, I’m sure that Greenpeace will recover from this outing quickly enough.

There are more than enough ignorant people out there desperately seeking a cause – any cause – to make themselves feel better about their life choices. And people like that have very short memories when it comes to issues they should really be paying attention to.

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