Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Appeal to 42% of Women Voters Before the Midterm Elections

Some women might be waking up in time for the midterm elections.

Back in September, an AP-GfK poll showed 40% of women leaning toward Republican candidates while 47% trended toward Democrats. October’s results indicate it’s now 44% and 42% respectively.

So why the difference? According to the above-linked Yahoo article, there’s the economy, and then About three-quarters say health care, terrorism, the threat posed by the Islamic State group and Ebola” come next in line.

Ebola alone is enough to scare a lot of voters out of trusting Obama or voting for his peeps, which I think is really, really stupid, just for the record. I mean, abysmal national security, a plummet in our world standing, unprotected borders, a rise in interracial violence, lies, arrogance and tons of taxpayer-paid vacations couldn’t shake their confidence in this president… But two people contracting Ebola inside the U.S. does?

That seems both belligerently blind and woefully self-focused at the same time. Which, I suppose, pretty much describes much of America these days anyway.

It’d be nice if we would consider something other than our immediate happiness for once. And women, I’m specifically talking to those 42% of you who are still putting your vote of confidence behind Democrat candidates.

How about we use our brains to set aside the feel good-style of feminism so prevalent today and instead consider how the federal government is taking $3 trillion away from us this year in taxes – thanks to Obama’s many hikes – and giving absolutely nothing of value back.

The results of liberal-Democrat efforts toward “empowering women” has resulted in twerking and other degrading, oversexualized and oversexualizing acts being deemed as acceptable and even laudable. As if we’re meant to be sex objects, giving free shows to whoever is nearby.

The results of liberal-Democrat efforts toward the “sexual revolution” has taken us to a world where virtual porn is a very real possibility in the future. Where men don’t need us for anything anymore, not even sex, and certainly not for companionship or support or balance.

Before you go to the polls, girls, ask yourselves if that’s really what you want for womankind.

None of this is to say that Republicans have all the answers. Because they’re rather pathetic too.

All I’m saying is that, let’s face it, they’re a heck of a lot better choice than the alternative right now.

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