Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Appeal to Republican Men

Yesterday, I bashed Democrat women. Today, I’m going to come down on Republican men.

I had a run-in with one such individual through my company recently. It started out with a racist joke in an email he wanted me to forward on to one of our editors. In perfectly professional language, I told him that I found his humor inappropriate and asked him to refrain from sending me such information in the future.

His response: “Lighten up. It was for Steve.”

My response: “Then send it to Steve. This is my email, not his.”

That didn’t go over well, as his next brilliant comeback was to play the gender card, accusing me of being a feminazi who needed to be put in my place. I didn’t read the whole rant, as it was long and chauvinistic, mentioning how women don’t have properly functioning brains, etc. etc.

Oh yeah, and he also threatened to get me fired if I said “one more word to him.

Go figure, this little woman did exactly what she was told not to do, though my reply was a heck of a lot more logical and polite than his was. But it ultimately got me thinking…

The customer in question mentioned being 75-years old. He didn’t come right out and say “I’m a Republican man,” but I think it’s pretty safe to postulate that he is.

I can also easily gather with my fully functioning feminine brain that he feels emasculated by societal changes. Otherwise, why immediately and illogically play the gender card?

You know what though? He needs to grow up. Because he’s not doing anyone any good responding the way he did: not to women, not to men, not to feminazis and not for chauvinists.

All he did was make grossly inaccurate assumptions and ultimately make a fool of himself.

That’s hardly the best defense for his campaign for respect. It is, however, amazing ammunition for the opposite side.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that I am a feminazi (instead of a strong, conservative woman who doesn’t appreciate taking trash from anyone on any side). Does he really think his belligerent rebuttals have any hope of changing me?

Heck no! It’s only going to inflame my inaccurate opinions of mankind even more.

I’ll grant you that sometimes violence necessitates violence. But I see no proof anywhere that close-minded ridiculousness necessitates close-minded ridiculousness.

So Republican men, I’m not saying you have to go out of your way to cater to Democrat women, or even women in general. But do us all a favor by not acting like dumbfounding caricatures of what you’re accused of being.

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