Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gisele Bundchen and Other Sex Objects Walk the Runway for… Ummm… Feminism?

Trolling through Yahoo! articles this morning, I came across a matching headline and pic that made it seem like Gisele Bundchen and a bunch of other models took to the streets – signs and all – to protest the mistreatment of women.

Considering how much these anorexic and classless women have done to encourage their own gender being objectified, I had to click that.

(Rather like ‘tap that,’ only less disrespectful.)

Sure enough, the models in question weren’t spontaneously up in arms about how society – their industry included – tells women they’re only as good as they look. Nope. This was business as usual, and Gisele et al were working the runway with the same dedication they’d take if they were wearing bras, thongs and peacock feathers.

The event wasn’t about feminism. It was about paychecks. And while I’m an unashamed capitalist who values paychecks, that money means nothing if it isn’t backed by dignity and truth.

Fortunately, most of the Yahoo! readers weren’t fooled by a bunch of sex objects saying one thing and doing another. In fact, their comments were so good, I have to share a few.

“Janine” wrote: “So an industry that puts women on display, tells them what to wear, how to wear it & how to look to be accepted is staging a feminist protest… Sounds about right for this day and age. I really don’t think anyone after 1985 has a concept of the history of this country or the actual ‘fights’ that went on to achieve the rights and freedoms we have today, and I may be giving too much credit with that year…”

“Only in America” complained: “And these stick figures… are supposed to represent the strong females of this country?” He goes on to describe a real “strong woman,” his mom, who paid for her own college education, took care of her family, respected herself and treated others in the same manner.

And “JasonP” added: “feminine protest by women who (for a living) are objectified. Utterly ridiculous. Skip the runway and be a teacher, doctor, police officer [or] anything you wanted to be. Instead you promote only sexuality. Society needs doctors, police [and] teachers, we definitely do not need runway models.”

Oh yeah, and the outfits being peddled are ugly anyway. You couldn’t pay me to wear them.

Too bad for the designers in question, I have a mind of my own.

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