Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is the Government to Blame for Ebola?

I’m looking at an Investors.com article with the headline: “Government Has Failed In Its Job To Protect Americans From Ebola.”

I think that’s a really stupid headline, and I’ll tell you why.

The government has failed in its job to a do a heck of a lot. It’s failed at protecting us from terrorism. It’s failed at reigning in spending for economic security. It’s failed at maintaining citizen’s freedoms while giving free reign to illegal immigrants. It’s failed at behaving decently, of respecting the people and respecting its own limitations.

It’s an arrogant, over-bloated and increasingly worthless, money-sucking propaganda machine. And since that isn’t what it was created to do, it’s pretty much one giant, embarrassing failure.

However, I can’t blame the government for failing “in its job to protect Americans from Ebola.”

“Why not?” You ask.

“Because,” I answer. “The government isn’t God.”

The government isn’t God. End of story.

It can’t ensure our personal health and happiness in every situation. It has its responsibilities, and it has its place. But it can’t control airborne viruses or bodily fluids being exchanged between two people.

Sorry, but it’s true. Bad things happen sometimes. So do horrible things. There’s no way to prevent all of it, no matter how many rules and regulations we create and enforce.

Now in the case of those poor little tykes who’ve died from some mysterious disease in “refugee” towns? You know: the ones where the government is shipping illegal immigrants to instead of sending them packing back over the border… Yeah, go ahead and blame government for those tragedies.

And call President Obama all kinds of an idiot for promising that Ebola wouldn’t touch the U.S. The arrogant and uncaring little twit.

But considering how exceptionally contagious the disease is, and how interconnected we are with the rest of the world in perfectly legal and reasonable ways, the government can’t take any kind of credit for protecting or not protecting America from this health-scare.

It can’t solve every problem under the sun. It was never supposed to.

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