Thursday, October 16, 2014

President Obama Talks the Talk About Ebola... Kinda

Yahoo is reporting today that, “Trying to calm fearful Americans weeks from a pivotal election, President Barack Obama on Wednesday promised a ‘much more aggressive’ federal government response to Ebola, including health care SWAT teams to help inexperienced local hospitals cope with any new case on U.S. soil.”

Then he went and played golf.

Ok, I don’t actually think he did that, but you know he wanted to. The only thing he cares about in this situation is the midterm elections. And honestly, I’m kinda wondering how much he even cares about that.

It’s October 16. Those elections are in less than a month. Logically or not, America is freaking out about Ebola right now. And yet Obama doesn’t seem to be doing much in the way of damage control.

I’ve never thought our president was a stupid man, so I’m not going to call him or even his actions stupid now. In my opinion, his nonchalance is either because he has some other plan up his sleeves…

Or possibly, what it comes down to is that, yeah: He just really doesn’t care.

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