Friday, October 3, 2014

This Single Woman’s Opinion on Whether Good Guys Finish Last

I’m going to throw something out there to all of you males. Here’s the harsh but necessary truth on whether good guys finish last:

Good guys don’t. Wimps do.

Good guys are gentlemen. They think before they speak. They hold the door open for ladies. They don’t go around saying “I’d tap that” to every hot piece of you-know-what that comes along. In fact, they don’t say “I’d tap that” at all.

Wimps can do all of those things too, but they take it a step further. Because when they think before they speak, it’s because they’re too cowardly to speak at all, not because they’re trying to think of the best answer to give.

They hold the door open for ladies while moping about how the ladies will never pay them any lasting attention. And they don’t go around saying “I’d tap that” because they’re just so sure they won’t get the chance to do any tapping at all when they’re “nice guys” and “nice guys finish last.”

Gentlemen know that sometimes life throws everyone hard knocks; and when those hard knocks are at their own doors, they man up and deal with them responsibly.

Wimps focus on how difficult their lives always are, completely ignoring how half of their boo hoo hooing is of their own making.

Fellas, there’s a difference between a truly “good guy” or even a “nice guy” and a mere wimp. Gentlemen actually do come out ahead, while wimps wallow in their own self-pity-inspired tears.

Speaking as a single woman in her early thirties, I’d rather be a single woman in my early sixties than be with a wimp.

Stop being pathetic, and grow a spine already. Otherwise, you’re not fit to finish anything but last… through your own darn fault.

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