Thursday, November 13, 2014

Men Cry Foul at “Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment)”

A few days ago, I saw that “Drunk Girl” video, which features a little pixie of a brunette feigning inebriation in Los Angeles. She’s utterly adorable in her floral dress and cluelessly intoxicated state while she asks men for directions: the perfect mark for sexual predators who value their own sexual conquests over women’s right to choose.

The spliced clips, altogether titled “Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment),” definitely didn’t show any good side of masculinity, with the four filmed guys in the video deliberately trying to take advantage of the situation by attempting to lead her to their cars or their apartments instead of the bus stop she asks about.

Out of sheer (and usually stupid) curiosity, I decided to read the comments below the Yahoo!-posted article. Expecting to be annoyed or discouraged as usual (hence why reading these comments is stupid), I was shocked by what people said about it.

Specifically, I was shocked by what men said about it. It was awesome!

There was complaint after complaint after complaint about the video, mostly from men declaring that they were sick of being depicted as misogynists, predators and rapists. They pointed out the flaws in the video, including how, even if it wasn’t staged, there were only four guys who took the bait. Four out of hundreds, possibly thousands, of potential predators wandering around the various shopping areas and intersections that “Drunk Girl” lays her hooks at.

How is that outrage – those protests – awesome?

Because it tells this particular woman that men are finally fighting back!

For so many years, too many have passively accepted the feminist extremist idea that men equate to trash. That they’re automatically out to chain women to beds and stoves everywhere.

Which is stupid! On so many levels.

First off, it’s not true. Men are individuals just like women are individuals. So there are some trashy ones and some stand-up ones. It’s grossly inaccurate to throw such an enormous and diverse grouping into a single un-delineated basket.

It’s also counterproductive when there’s a consequence to convincing people that they’re trash: They actually start acting like trash. Which means that feminist extremists are making it more difficult on womankind – not better – by trying to demean the other gender.

Oh yeah, and that “Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment” video? Turns out it was a hoax anyway.

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