Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Officer Wilson Not Indicted in Michael Brown Shooting; Ferguson Literally Fired Up

A grand jury has officially decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, 2014.

For anyone who hasn’t followed the case closely enough or just needs a reminder, Wilson is white and Brown was black. Oh yeah, and Brown had just robbed a convenience store - at gunpoint – before he went on to attack Wilson, who shot him in self-defense.

Yet somehow, people – both white and black – managed to ignore those latter details in favor of skin color. Apparently, white cops are supposed to humbly ask black thugs to forgive them the (possible) sins of their fathers. In other words, slavery.

I’m not trying to start a race war myself. If this had been a little white brat who attacked a black officer, breaking his eye socket and threatening his life, I’d be saying the same thing to anyone – white or black – dumb enough to come to his defense.

Color shouldn’t matter, people! Not when it comes to justice. Not when it comes to most things in life. Unless, of course, you’re going shopping for tan work slacks and every single store you go into only has this miserably muddy shade. Then you’re allowed to play the color card.

What you’re never allowed to do, however, is what Ferguson, Missouri did after getting the news.

Ferguson, Missouri, is where Brown was shot, incidentally. And it erupted into violence at the news that Officer Wilson wasn’t going to be put through the legal ringer for defending himself.

There was gunfire, there were structure fires, there was a car dealership that lost 10 cars because someone set those on fire too. People “peacefully” blockaded roads and not so peacefully smashed storefronts. One person was carjacked and subsequently run over by his own vehicle.

That’s pathetic. Unnecessary. And a vile representation of anyone who ever really fought for freedom.

Shame on Ferguson.

For that matter, shame on America. There’s not much more to say when we’ve fostered this mentality for far too long.

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