Thursday, November 6, 2014

President Obama Pretty Much Blatantly Says He Doesn’t Care What America Wants

This week’s round of Republican victories in even true blue states like my Maryland has shaken up just about every single Democrat out there…

Except for President Obama. He could care less.

Shocker, I know, since he’s cared about what America wants so strongly up until this point.

The Associated Press reports: “A day after Democrats lost control of the Senate and suffered big losses in House and governors’ races across the country, Obama struck a defiant tone. He defended his policies, stood by his staff and showed few signs of changing an approach to dealing with congressional Republicans that has generated little more than gridlock in recent years.

“Rather than accept the elected results as a repudiation of his own administration, the president said voters were disenchanted with Washington as a whole. And rather than offering dour assessments of his party’s electoral thrashing, as he did after the 2010 midterms [which he didn’t mean one bit, as history now clearly shows], the president insisted repeatedly that he was optimistic about the country’s future.”

But here’s the thing, as the Associated Press goes on to note two paragraphs down: “The president’s sunny outlook stood in sharp contrast to the gloomy electorate. Most voters leaving polling places said they didn’t have much trust in government and felt the nation was on the wrong track. Those feeling pessimistic were more likely to vote for Republican congressional candidates, according to exit polls.”

Americans aren’t happy right now. We’re not secure. We’re not optimistic. We’re not confident in ourselves any more than we are in our elected officials.

And make no mistake about it. Obama knows all that. He just genuinely doesn’t care.

In other words, these next two years should be real interesting. And not necessarily in a good way.

America, not to kick us when we're down or anything, but this is what we get for voting such an obviously self-consumed individual into our highest position of power. Twice.

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