Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Is “Not a Time for Celebration;” It’s a Time to Make a Change

So it’s official. While some races are still being decided, the Republicans most certainly are keeping the House and now they’ll have the Senate too.

Here are just a few of the prominent races already decided:

·         Joni Ernst (Republican) won a Senate seat in Iowa.
·         Mitch McConnell (Republican) kept his Senate seat in Kentucky.
·         Thom Tillis (Republican) appears to have won that exceptionally heated Senate seat in North Carolina (49%-47%).
·         Tea Party-favorite Dave Brat (Republican), who shockingly ousted then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia primaries, managed to keep that seat Republican despite all the nay-saying from both parties.


·         Scott Walker (Republican) was re-elected governor in Wisconsin.
·         Charlie Crist (turncoat-Republican-now-Democrat) in Florida lost out on the governorship there.
·         Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown (Democrat) lost his bid in Maryland to become Governor Anthony Brown.
·         Tim Scott (Republican) won in South Carolina, which is an apparent big deal for two reasons… Number one, he’s a black Republican; and number two, this is the first time South Carolina has ever voted a black senator into office.
·         Even more notably, Bruce Rauner (Republican) won governorship of Illinois! Illinois!!!!

And yet, even with all those victories, I’m going to agree with at least the premise of what remaining-House Speaker John Boehner said: that this is “not a time for celebration” due to the “challenges facing our country.”

Instead, now is the time to actually do something about those challenges. We can celebrate later.

I’m sure that Boehner meant that comment from a strictly political standpoint. And I’m sure he’s got his own, not-always-healthy ways of turning this country around. I mean, let’s face it: He’s messed up too many times at this point in his role of looking out for the American people.

Fortunately though, our hope isn’t in Republicans any more than it is in Democrats. So here’s my amendment to Boehner’s no “time for celebration” commentary…

How about we make this a time to change ourselves from being self-focused, short-term-minded lemmings – of all political stripes – to big-picture citizens who put their trust in God.

Because without God, America’s going to just keep getting worse. No matter who else wins what seats.

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