Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Global Warming/Climate Change Set to Destroy Humankind… Ho Hum

Seriously. Who cares? Why is this a big deal?

Think about it…

If global warming/climate change/whatever you wanna call it is a hoax, then there’s nothing to worry about in that department. And if it isn’t a hoax and human beings are destroying the planet, I still can’t see any cause for alarm.

So we all die. Ho hum.

According to the global warming, Earth-first, save the planet philosophy, humans are a menace anyway. We’re a blight. A destructive force that consumes everything and gives nothing back.

So shouldn’t this planet’s champions therefore cheer our demise?

I mean, when we’re gone, this big, beautiful, peaceful planet can thrive and grow in eternal bliss with all of its:

·         Fun-loving animals (Sharks give hugs with their teeth, didn’tcha know?)
·         Gentle weather conditions (Katrina never would have happened if it weren’t for us.)
·         Other harmless happenings (The Romans must have been working those coal-fired power plants WAY too hard back in 79 AD for Mount Vesuvius to lose its cool that way.)


Makes sense to me at least. And even if it doesn’t, I can’t bring myself to care about something so thoroughly unprovable as global warming.

Especially since it snowed on Thanksgiving.

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