Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stupid Law Students Demand Special Compensation on Exams for Michael Brown Trauma

Thanks to Yahoo!, it’s come to my attention that people are stupid.

Like seriously stupid. And ignorant. And entitled. And did I mention stupid?

You see, some law students at Harvard and Georgetown are pressuring their departments to postpone or defer final exams.

“Minority student coalitions at Harvard and Georgetown law schools are pressing administrators to postpone or defer final exams because they claim they have experienced trauma over the recent grand jury decisions in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The students are hoping for the same outcome granted to students at Columbia Law, another top-tier institution. Over the weekend, Columbia Law’s interim dean, Robert Scott, announced that exams would be postponed for students who feel traumatized over the two grand jury decisions not to indict white police officers in the deaths of Brown and Garner, both of whom are black.”

First of all, from an editorial standpoint, that write-up is pathetic. Though admittedly not as much as the subject matter itself.

Now, I haven’t followed the Eric Garner story, largely because I don’t care to. Not after the mainstream media has done such a bang-up job misrepresenting other criminal cases that were never about race. So I’ll refrain from commenting on him one way or the other.

But with Michael Brown, he was a low-life thug who attacked a police officer and got himself shot. I genuinely don’t see how those details are traumatizing to anyone who didn’t know him directly.

It’s seriously stupid to claim otherwise. Stupid and utterly unbecoming to anyone, much less a bunch of supposed intellectuals.

So shame on the stupid students who are misrepresenting the facts, and shame on the stupid administrations that have and will cave on the issue to save face over society.

I'm happy to say I can't imagine going through life with that little dignity.

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