Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Muslim Representative Andre Carson to Be Nominated to Another Security Position

Police profile people for a reason.

If someone says they were robbed at gunpoint by a short white girl with dark curly hair, brown eyes and a Tinker Bell t-shirt, then police should be on the lookout for short white girls with dark curly hair, brown eyes and Tinker Bell t-shirts… regardless of whether there are dozens of such individuals out wandering the streets or not.

If they decided to also include tall blond men in three-piece suits in their search for said suspect, they’d be more than wasting their time. In fact, they’d be downright incompetent, a public menace and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

The same therefore goes for the TSA not being a little more suspicious about lone, young Arab men boarding flights. When we have such a clear and reliable description of our suspects, it’s inept to ignore it.

Just like it’s probably inept to nominate a Muslim to security-minded boards within the United States Congress. But that’s what Nancy Pelosi announced yesterday, saying that Representative Andre Carson of Indiana should be joining the House’s Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

Oh yeah, and Carson already serves on the Armed Services Committee and used to work for the Department of Homeland Security’s Fusion Center, which streamlines information shared by the CIA, FBI, DOJ and military.

I’m not trying to be a bigoted jerk here by questioning the government’s judgment in allowing Muslims such influence over our political field. I acknowledge and respect that not all Muslims are terrorists.

Just like all Russians weren’t anti-American Communists back during the Cold War.

Yet there were still enough of them back then to be seriously concerned. We knew that our way of life and theirs didn’t match. And we knew that a significant number of them wanted to flat-out destroy our way of life altogether.

We nonetheless ignored those blatantly obvious facts, welcoming them into top positions without our political scene. They didn’t have to go to any great covert lengths to get our information. We handed it to them! The result was that Americans lives were jeopardized, compromised and lost.

Clearly, we haven’t learned our lesson since we’re doing exactly the same thing with the Muslim threat. By not acknowledging our “police profiles” as they were, we’re setting ourselves up for more Charlie Hebdos and even 9/11s.

Yes, that’s stereotyping, but sometimes stereotypes are necessary. We can drop this particular one just as soon as we stop seeing so many terrorist attacks committed by Muslims.

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