Friday, January 30, 2015

University of Virginia Gets Into Trumped Up Trouble Again Over Fraternities

If I wrote it, it’d say this instead: “Jeannette Is Not Impressed With Her Gender Right Now.”

That’s because the national chapters of the various sororities told their University of Virginia members to avoid some upcoming frat parties on campus, to which said members freaked out.

Here’s the online petition they put together in response:

“Instead of addressing rape and sexual assault at UVa, this mandate perpetuates the idea that women are inferior, sexual objects. It is degrading to Greek women, as it appears that the [National Panhellenic Conference] views us as defenseless and UVa’s new fraternal policies as invalid. Allowing the NPC to prevent us from celebrating (what used to be) a tight-knight community, sends the message that we are weak.”

Blah blah blah, chirp chirp, beep beep. Let me translate:

“Since we’ve too many times proved ourselves too immature to take proper precautions against potentially-at-some-point-unwanted sexual encounters, we called for you to step up your supervision and tell the boys to behave, explaining to them that not only does “no” mean “no,” but “yes” might mean “no” too depending on how we feel in the morning. But you’ve now gone too far in treating us like the children we asked – nay, demanded! – to be treated as, by telling us to take proper precautions against potentially-at-some-point-unwanted sexual encounters.”

Still don’t understand? Let me summarize:

“We want to have sex with whoever we want to have sex with, with full impunity to blame someone else for our bad decisions the next morning.”

Pathetic, right?

So too is how MSN fed into that mentality by saying, “This new controversy comes as UVA tries to examine and reform its Greek culture in the wake of a Rolling Stone article about a rape on campus,” yet failing to mention how Rolling Stone had to issue an apology about its shoddy reporting tactics after the alleged victim’s story fell to pieces.

Forget MSN for a moment  though. It is what it is. But ladies… Come on! Have some dignity!

There’s no way to completely eliminate rape and sexual assaults, unfortunately. Not when human nature is too prone to take advantage of whatever and whoever it can. But if we really object to being “defenseless” or “inferior sexual objects,” then we should stop being defenseless sexual objects by purposely frequenting sex-hyped frat parties filled with pathetic little oinkers.

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