Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Throw Like a Girl and Run Like a Girl, and I Don’t Care

I’m not going to talk about the intense but ultimately sigh-worthy Super Bowl this year. Not because I’m mad that Tom Brady won. I mean, I didn’t want him to win, but it happened how it happened. And at least it wasn’t the Baltimore Ravens taking home that trophy.

There’s always that to keep me smiling, no matter how much I wanted Brady to eat dirt.

But the Super Bowl finish wasn’t the only thing I rolled my eyes about on Sunday. There was also the commercials, like that 9-1-1 pizza-parlor call. ‘Cause that’s gonna really change whether men beat their wives or not.

Or how about the “like a girl” commercial, which empowered women to think of femininity in a positive light, not a negative one?

Or so I’m told. I can’t say this “girl” felt any different, physically or emotionally, afterward.

If anything, I laughed at the “fight like a girl” part, since that really is how I “fight” when I’m fending off my annoying younger brother. I put my arms out like a t-rex and wave them up and down like an idiot.

And ya know? I “throw like a girl” too. Who. Bloody. Cares. No, seriously… Who cares?

I’ve written 11 novels so far, two of them published with six more to be published this year. I’m currently working on a 12th with ideas for another half dozen at least.

I’ve got a Mensa-qualifying IQ, and my mommy thinks I’m special too.

I’ve kept a job at the same publishing company for the last seven years, stood up for myself when coworkers were inappropriate and accepted criticism in turn when I deserved it.

I buy my own groceries, clothing, fuel and treats, support three adorable kiddies overseas, donate to other charitable organization, and paid off my student loans years ahead of schedule.

Nor did I do any of that “like a girl.” I did it like a responsible human being.

Shouldn’t that be what matters at the end of the day? I mean, isn’t that what we want to stress?

I don’t see how focusing on athletic prowess or the lack thereof changes anything. Some women can “throw like a boy” and “fight like a boy.” (Yes, I know what I said.) And good for them.

But most of just can’t. Why? Because we’re different than men in varying ways. This doesn’t make us any more or less worthy. It just makes us different.

Which means I just don’t care about the physical gap between men and women. What I’d really like to see is a narrowing down of the emotional gap between stupid and smart.

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