Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Silly Fundamentalist Christian Group Deems Fifty Shades of Grey Degrading

For months now, it’s been “Fifty Shades of Grey” this! “Fifty Shades of Grey” that! “Fifty Shades of Grey!” “Fifty Shades of Grey!” “Fifty Shades of Grey!!!!

Try saying that out loud. The title is rather cumbersome. Rather like the book itself. And like I’m sure the movie will be too.

It’s insane how much coverage the film has gotten. So much so that I think its producers are paying for it all because they’re scared they’re not actually going to make any money off of it.

I mean, the actors aren’t attractive. There aren’t that many sex scenes (or so the rumors say). And the thing is ONLY rated R. Drat. ‘Cause I wanted to see more shots of desperately damaged characters degrading themselves.

Regardless, due to all the coverage, various organizations have been weighing in on whether “Fifty Shades of Grey” is a healthy depiction of love, feminism and/or sexuality.

The answer is no, no and no. Duh. It’s also a really bad example of writing. But that’s beside the point right now. The point is that it’s ridiculous anyone can deem this storyline worthwhile.

Yet that’s what I’m seeing all too much of. For example, a Yahoo-featured story on The American Family Association’s condemnation of the movie has a decidedly snarky bent to it.

It starts out with, “The American Family Association isn’t pleased with the upcoming release of Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend, and is calling for theaters’ rejection of the title.

“The organization, which aims to promote media integrity and protect families by promoting fundamentalist Christian values, says it’s ‘creating controversy for its graphic sexual nature, promotion of BDSM, and scenes that degrade women,’ as it ‘borders on pornography and glamorizes abuse.’”

“Fundamentalist Christian values?” Really? Seriously? Since when is it just fundamentalist (read: crazy) Christians who are supposed to care that women are treated with dignity?

The fact that we as a society are so far gone that we have to designate it oppressive to demand that people aren’t oppressed is ridiculous.

Nobody, The American Family Association included, is saying we can’t watch “Fifty Shades of Grey.” All that intelligent, self-respecting people are saying is that we shouldn’t.

Their reasoning: It’s a degrading piece of trash that could too easily hurt women – and men – more than we’re already damaged.

This isn’t rigid fundamentalism. Nobody is passing out burkas. All it is, is a call to dignity. If you really don’t want dignity, then go watch the movie. It’s your choice… and consequences. 

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