Monday, February 9, 2015

University of Michigan Attacks Free Speech with “Inclusive Language Campaign”

What does college tuition go for these days?

Well, if we’re talking about the college tuition I remember back at Messiah College, it ain’t to build additional dorm buildings for an overcrowded student population. More like building ridiculous, Greek-column monstrosities for middle-aged female presidents to parade around in their skirts with the uncomfortably high slits.

But that was years ago. Almost a decade, really. So Messiah can learn a few things from how the University of Michigan does things these days

It just spent $16,000 on a belittling, free-speech smothering “Inclusive Language Campaign.”

Posters were distributed around the school with words and phrases deemed to be no-nos, including: crazy, insane, retarded, gay, tranny, gypped, illegal alien, fag, ghetto, raghead, “I want to die” and “that test raped me.” And just in case students don’t get the condescension to begin with, some posters include full-out descriptions of what’s so bad about the language in question.

University spokesman Rick Fitzgerald explained to The College Fix, “This program is intended to be educational, not regulatory. We hope there is only the understanding that we all participate in, and have the power to influence campus culture.”

Just one question at this time, Rick… Where are the violins?

Let’s get real Yes, some of those words are offensive, and only immature people use them. I know I don’t go around calling people “fags,” mainly because I have some semblance of self-respect. Crude language like that is more of a reflection on the idiot speaking than anything else.

But that’s the thing… These kids the university is trying to so-called educate don’t care. They’re hyped up on sex, drugs and other recreational tools designed to ignore how pathetic their lives are. They’re losers living in the moment without regard to other’s feelings or their own futures.

Sorry if that was offensive. I didn’t see the word “loser” on the list of no-no words though, and if it isn’t on that list, how do I know whether or not it’s ok to say? [STAGE DIRECTION: Insert blank-faced blinking]

Oh, and as for “illegal alien” being offensive? That’s a choice, University of Michigan. Not a genetic classification. It’s also a crime, no matter what cutesy term you replace it with.

Sure, language means something. But if you really want to teach our loser student population that, then you have to be willing to put your money where your mouth is.

Or maybe just put your money (i.e. college tuition) toward – I don’t know – teaching students course curriculum. Because that’s what you’re being paid to do, not make everyone feel warm and fuzzy.

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