Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hillary Clinton "Super Volunteers" Create Super Stupid List of "Sexist" Terms to Be Banned in Reference to Their Candidate

Ok, people. There’s feminism and then there’s just plain stupid.

As a society, we’ve been crossing that line in droves with our “women can do it all” (Ummm… Yeah. If they want to be exhausted!), slut walks (walks to support sluts. I kid you not) and blatant lies about being raped in order to bring attention to actual rape victims (‘Cause that’s a brilliant idea right there. Don’t see how it could go wrong at all).

But I think we’ve now officially gone from “just plain stupid” to downright incomprehensible. And it’s all thanks to the pro-Hillary Clinton group HRC Super Volunteers, who warned The New York Times that it “will be watching, reading, listening and protesting” any examples of “coded sexism” that it finds in the newspaper about Hillary.

These terms of “coded sexism”? You’d never guess them on your own. Not unless you’re an idiot with no grasp on anything logical…

·         Polarizing
·         Calculating
·         Disingenuous
·         Insincere
·         Ambitious
·         Inevitable
·         Entitled
·         Overconfident
·         Will do anything
·         Represents the past
·         Out of touch

As a person with a modicum of intelligence (just kidding. I’m brilliant… no matter how many typos I make), I can understand why the vast majority of those entries are negative. Except for “ambitious.” I’m ambitious and proud of it. I could care less who calls me that word.

Oh yeah, and “inevitable.” I don’t get that one at all. Probably because I’m not an idiot.

But labeling any of them as “sexist,” “coded” or otherwise? Come on, Hillary Clinton HRC Super Volunteers! Are you trying to make women look like “polarizing, calculating, entitled, will-do-anything” morons?

If so, then you’re doing great! You’re just failing at everything worthwhile.

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