Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kanye West Speaks Before Oxford University and Says a Whole Lot of Crazy Kanye Stuff

In the last year or two, Snooki – of Jersey Shore fame – spoke at Rutgers. At the time, I thought that was pretty much as low as an institution of higher education could go.

Today, I stand corrected. And by no less than Oxford University.

Just for the record, thank you Brits. It’s always nice when someone proves that America doesn’t have an iron-clad patent on patheticness.

And inviting Kanye West to speak is about as pathetic as it gets. Here are just a few of the crazy things he said:

“There’s a Bible saying, ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper’. Recently I’ve been doing interviews and I’ve had to go back to this verse because I don’t think there’s a living celebrity with more weapons formed against them, but I also don’t think there’s one more prosperous. So what weapons have prospered? The smoke and mirrors of other opinions.

“… The Matrix is like the Bible of the post-information age… like when the hundred guys come at Neo, those are opinions, that’s perception, that’s tradition. Attacking people from every which angle possible. If you have a focus wide and master senseis like Laurence Fishburne and you have a squad behind you, you literally can put the world in slow motion.”


“My momma taught me that if I was in a grocery store and I’m by myself and a stranger grabbed my hand, scream at the top of your f-cking lungs. If I’m at an awards show and a stranger grabs my hand and they say so we’re going to use these moving lights, or we’re gonna play the music right now before we define the look, or we’re gonna cut the TV cameras in a traditional way. I’ll scream at the top of my f–king lungs.”


“Let’s have an NBC telethon moment, and say that beauty has been stolen from the people and is being sold back to them under the concept of luxury! It’s illegal to not wear clothes, and also possibly too cold. That means someone is imposing an idea on you that should legally have to do! Clothing should be like food. There should never be a $5000 sweater. You know what should cost $5000? A car should be $5000. And you know who should work on the car? The people that work on the $500,000 cars. All the best talent in the world needs to work for the people. And I am so f*cking serious about this concept that I will stand in front of anyone and fight for it. Because I was 14 and middle class. I know what it felt like to not get what I have.”

If I was there, I would have loved to ask a question: Why did Oxford University invite him?

Who knows, maybe this was for a psych class. But even so, there are a lot of crazy people out there who would have spoken for free.

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