Tuesday, March 24, 2015

President Obama Encourages Gun Making and Business Entrepreneurialism

President Obama allowed some absolute terrorists-in-the-making into the White House at a planned event designed to showcase, support and encourage a range of horrifying devices and mentalities.

The official title of this horrific event: the 4th Annual White House Science Fair.

There, one far too-young man, maybe just 12 years old, had a marshmallow-shooting air gun. And another young lady, perhaps about 16, flat-out admitted that she wanted to start her own company, “profit [and] expand.”

Guns? Profits? Expansion? What are our children coming too!

These are young minds that should be being filled with lofty ideas of global peace and community (i.e. socialism), right? They should be learning to rely on government for just about everything instead of their own skill sets, innovations and hard work.

Yet there they were at the Science Fair, smiling as they stood by their entries and answered questions, or laughing when President Obama went so far as to shoot the marshmallow gun himself.

But… but… but… I thought that guns were bad! That striving to be well-off was greedy. And… and… and… We don’t build businesses by ourselves anyway, right? We owe everything to the teachers and road makers and other “little people” around us who perform such menial jobs and get such little love for them.

Isn’t that what we’ve been hearing for the last presidential term and a half?

But with this entrepreneur-encouraging event, well, talk about your mixed messages.

Clearly, Obama is slipping.

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