Monday, April 20, 2015

If We Think Our Leaders Are Trustworthy, Than We’re Not Using Our Brains

We the people of the United States of America are supposed to be able to trust our leaders.

But we the people of the United States of America are also supposed to use our brains. In fact, we’re supposed to use our brains more than our trust in our representatives.

That means we’re expected to notice when our president is pushing (shoving might be a more accurate term) amnesty for illegal immigrants when there are 4.4 million people legally waiting to get into the United States.

When our leaders are more interested in assisting lawbreakers than law-abiders, it’s our responsibility as a free people to conclude that they don’t deserve our loyalty.

Likewise, we’re supposed to notice when our president bends over backward to allow Iran a full-fledged, unsanctioned nuclear program when that country refuses to grant even the most basic of concessions in return by allowing us to inspect its military bases where nuclear tests will be conducted.

What Iran is demanding is one of the most lopsided deals ever proposed to a free nation. We might as well be under an Islamic caliphate right now, paying it taxes for our unbelieving ways.

At this rate, with such an untrustworthy administration, we could soon enough be Islamic serfs if we don’t start using our brains to determine that our president is either dangerously insane or the most unpatriotic person alive.

If the latter, then Benedict Arnold had more patriotism than President Obama does today. At least Arnold solidly fought on America’s side once upon a time. By all indications, Obama hasn’t ever played for any team but his own.

Too harsh?

Consider this: Iran just held a parade displaying new weapons systems, prompting cries of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

What are the chances that Obama will call off negotiations or take a harsher stance on them?

If you used your brain – or any particle of integrity you should have – you know that a snowball has a greater chance in hell.

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