Monday, April 13, 2015

Man Commits Suicide in Tax Protest in Front of Capitol Building on Obama’s Watch

Over the weekend, someone who thought he was hopeless committed suicide.

Unfortunately, that in and of itself isn’t newsworthy. After all, people take their lives all the time. Tragic but true.

What got it into the news was where he committed suicide and what onlookers say he did first.

You see, the so-far unidentified man made his way to the U.S. Capitol Building and opened up a placard that witnesses say said something along the lines of “Why don’t you tax the 1%?” Then he pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head.

Now the loss of any life is sad, and suicide is especially awful. So I’m very sorry to treat this man’s passing as a mere detail, but to someone who didn’t know him and who wasn’t there to see him die, I find myself focusing not on him but on the political backdrop.

Which, it appears, he intended.

He shot himself in front of a government building with a public message in Obama’s D.C.

Obama’s D.C.

This didn’t happen on George W. Bush’s watch, no matter how many people said he only cared about big business. This happened on the liberal, tax-raising, business-decrying Obama’s dime. And it happened six years into his administration.

Maybe it was the Republicans’ fault… except that Democrats had a majority throughout Congress during the first two years Obama was president. And now that Republicans control both houses, Obama is the king of executive orders, taking action and making deals on his own claimed authority.

So why, with all of that time and all of that power, has he not made it easy for the little people?

As one of those little people who works a regular job and is struggling to finance a start-up business, I can tell you flat-out that I’m not any better off tax-wise than I was under Bush. In fact, the last four years, I’ve owed the IRS money, sometimes as much as $500, even though my paychecks are significantly depleted every two weeks to give the over-bloated government its demanded due.

I can’t claim to understand why this poor man thought that killing himself was the right answer. But I can tell you that Obama has not brought hope. And the only change he offers – no, dictates – is further submission to politicians who either don’t have a clue what’s best for the people… or really just don’t care.

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