Tuesday, April 21, 2015

“Somebody” Is Worshipping the Worst Parent of a God Ever

This morning, I decided to listen to a pop song, “Somebody,” by Natalie La Rose featuring Jeremiah.

Both supposed artists are lost little idiots.  There’s no way anyone who isn’t a lost little idiot could promote these lyrics (put to a very catchy beat, of course):

I wanna rock with somebody
I wanna take shots with somebody (Shots. Shots. Shots.)
I wanna leave with somebody
And we ain’t gotta tell nobody
We ain’t gotta tell nobody

Why can’t everybody know what’s good
And some gonna hate because it’s new
We just do our thing, no time to waste
Always play it cool

And at the end of the night when the lights go out
We ain’t never turn down, ooh no, we won’t (We ain’t ever turn down. We never turn down.)
And when you try to make us leave
We turn and say we never going home

That’s meant to be an anthem of individuality, independence and, I assume, progressiveness considering the “Why can’t everybody know what’s good / And some gonna hate because it’s new” lines.

Which is just plain stupid. Anyone with a grasp on reality has to recognize the song’s blatant immaturity. It’s the ultimate brat’s cry of “I want my way! I want my way! I want my way!” even when “my way” means missing life’s potential by a few thousand miles.

The life-view expressed in “Somebody” by Natalie La Rose and Jeremiah is the same one that Miley Cyrus (and countless other poptarts) shouts from the rooftops with songs like “We Can’t Stop,” which declares “It’s our party; we can do what we want” and “Remember only God can judge us,” implying that God is okay with “shaking it like we at a strip club” and “dancing with Molly” (i.e. doing drugs).

If that’s the kind of god young Westerners worship, then they’ve got one hell of an irresponsible deity. Rather like one of those moron parents who “love” their children so much they let them do whatever they want, refusing to set boundaries and thereby encouraging them to participate in wildly detrimental behavior such as unsafe sex, underage drinking and drugs with overall attitudes that leave them desperately unfulfilled.

That’s not a logical god (or parent). It’s not a caring god (or parent). And its not a god (or parent) worth following.

Considering the sorry state of our society thats filled with people who are actively making it even more of a trashed-out mess by thinking of nobody but their immediate selves, Id say it's pretty clear we need a new god to follow.

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