Monday, May 4, 2015

Ben Carson Is Now an Official Presidential Candidate

Back in 2008, liberals labeled then-presidential candidate Barack Obama “the great black hope.”

At the time, I thought they were idiots.

That hasn’t changed today. Yet I gotta say, I do understand their enthusiasm a bit better.

You see, Ben Carson announced he’s running for president over the weekend. And it’s taking a lot for me not to get ridiculously excited.

Just for the record, no: It’s not because he’s black. I’d like him just as much if he was white or Asian or Native American or pink with bright green polka dots.

I’m struggling not to get too enthusiastic because he’s intelligent and honorable and unafraid to speak out on issues too many Republicans turn into abject cowards over.

However, he’s still human, which is what I need to keep in mind. He’s not perfect, and regardless of whether he wins or not, he can’t save America.

None of us can, and not just because the liberal’s “great black hope” turned out to be such a miserable failure in that regard, messing up this country far worse than it was to begin with.

Not to go all “Christian” on you readers, but the following is true nonetheless...

Ben Carson might very well be an amazing presidential candidate who will do a world of good if elected. But our only hope is God.

Always has been. Always will be.

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