Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pamela Gellar Defends Her “Draw Muhammad” Art Exhibit in the Name of Free Speech

Pamela Geller thinks she’s a champion of free speech and I’m a coward for saying otherwise.

Who is Pamela Gellar? She’s president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a blogger at, and the brains – or lack thereof – behind the “Draw Muhammad” free speech art exhibit down in Texas that was attacked by Islamic extremists on Sunday.

After the attack, which left the two incompetent gunmen dead and nobody else, she got a lot of criticism for the event. But Gellar isn’t backing down. Far from it.

This is the problem with the conservatives. This is why we can never nominate qualified, brave, true conservative candidates. The conservative movement has trimmed to accommodate the leftist media so much that they’ve trimmed themselves out of principle. They attack me because they’re desperately afraid that the leftist media will smear them by association with me. It is an act of sheer cowardice.

Maybe that’s true in some cases. I can’t speak for everyone out there. But I’m not afraid of the leftist media (admittedly in part because I don’t have much to lose).

My reason for disagreeing with Gellar is because her show of free speech was pointlessly offensive. Yes, the Muslim religion forbids the drawing of the Prophet Muhammad. And yes, the American Constitution overrides that ban, giving residents the right to draw whatever they want to draw. But having the right doesn’t make it right.

Look at it this way…

Do you honestly think Gellar’s intentional and callous mockery of an entire religion made America any safer or the fight against terrorism any easier? Or is it just that she ticked a bunch of sociopaths off for nothing more than the momentary satisfaction of flipping them off?

If her efforts in defending free speech involved shooting terrorists, I’d say fire away! No matter what “the leftist media” had to say. The same goes for writers and speakers who call out the larger peace-keeping Muslim community for not condemning those extremists in their midst.

But spitting on 1.6 billion people – most of whom have never done you any harm – just to watch a blob of phlegm slide down their cheeks is plain immature.

So sorry, Gellar, I can’t support that kind of “free speech.” I don’t think anyone should.

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