Friday, May 15, 2015

President Obama and Vice President Biden Speak Out About Amtrak Train 188 Crash

On Wednesday, President Obama said the derailed Amtrak Train 188 was “a tragedy that touches us all,” and Vice President Biden said that “Amtrak is like a second family to me” since he used to commute so much between Delaware and D.C.

I say they’re both full of it.

Don’t get me wrong… The wreck WAS a tragedy. But it was one that touches the passengers, their family and friends, and the commuters who will now be affected by the damage.

I, however, am not affected beyond feelings of sympathy for those hurt in the crash. Neither are most Californians, or Floridians or Oklahomans.

Not trying to sound callous here, but it’s true. Most Americans’ days have gone on same as usual since the train wreck. Anyone unrelated to the matter who argues otherwise is being insincere and selfish, trying to draw focus on their own compassion instead of the victims’ suffering.

Which is pretty much Obama established MO. And Biden’s

The Vice President opining about Amtrak being “like a second family” is equally absurd and self-serving. Did he spend holidays with Amtrak employees? Did he bring them presents for their birthdays and Christmas? Maybe asked them about their deepest dreams and desires in life?

Yeah, didn’t think so. Which means they’re not his family, second or otherwise.

Otherwise, I should be saying that grocery store Giant is like a second family to me because I shop there multiple times per month, sometimes per week.

Look, I know Obama has to say something about what happened. But he could have gone with the oldie but goodie, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.” Or “I was deeply saddened to hear about the Amtrak Train 188 crash. I can’t imagine what the passengers and their loved ones are going through, but I am going to make sure the matter is handled as appropriately as possible.”

And there are half a dozen other, appropriate, responses I could come up with in mere minutes.

The truth is that 9/11: THAT affected us all. And you could make a big argument for the Boston Marathon bombing too. But what comes down to a traffic accident, tragic though it is?

The president and vice president should stop flattering themselves with sweet little nothings whispered into the American people’s ears when we all know – or should know – that they went back to their vacations and golf outings and six-course meals just as soon as they left the press room. 

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