Monday, June 1, 2015

Atheists Get Angry Over Photo of Marine Praying With Bride to Be

I’ve never understood atheism. It doesn’t make logical sense to say that the world is as complex as it is by chance. No matter how much we scientifically discover, it just seems to lead to more questions about the universe, our planet, our bodies, the physical world around us, etc., etc., etc.

It’s therefore sheer irrational arrogance to declare that some kind of deity couldn’t possibly exist. I mean, if atheists don’t have anything close to all the technical answers, then how can they declare so staunchly that they have the final one?

Yet they do. Repeatedly. Shoving their opinions down everyone’s throat whenever possible.

I might not agree with religions outside of Christianity, but I can at least intellectually respect many of the people who hold them. Not so much with atheists, who come across as bitterly dogmatic, intent on sucking away everyone’s joy with their angry words and attitudes.

That viral photo of the Marine praying with his wedding-dress-clad bride-to-be is one such example. Scroll past the beautiful story of a couple trying to start their marriage off right, and you’ll inevitably find comments like the ones I saw on Yahoo, such as:

“They saw the camera man and struck a praying pose to tell the world that they are perfect Christians and you should convert into our religion in order to have a good marriage. Pathetic.” – Artemio

“When is the human race going to wake up and realize there is No God.” – Michael

“Odd behavior. These are two crazy people who believe in magic (aka religion). Hope they live well and see no harm. But I’m not inspired by their rituals. I just hope they don’t mess their kids up too much.” – NotRed

I genuinely don’t get those responses to a picture of two people trying to make what’s supposed to be a beautiful relationship work.

I mean, I have Muslim neighbors. The husband dresses “normal;” the wife covers up everything but her face according to her religion. They both seem very nice, so it doesn’t make me angry enough to comment every time I see either of them. In fact, it doesn’t make me angry at all.

They smile and say hi. I smile and say hi. And then we both move on, knowing that we disagree but respecting our individual rights to our own opinions. Maybe because we’re confident enough in our respective beliefs that we don’t feel the need to constantly be on the offensive?

Or maybe because we’re just not jerks.

Admittedly, there are Christians out there, such as the Westboro Baptists, who are loud and obnoxious. There are Muslim extremists like ISIS. There are Budhists who get their noses up in the air because they’re so ethereal. But those attitudes aren’t usually the norm… except when it comes to atheists.

It’s like they have to prove their relevance on their own since there’s no God to do it for them.

Now that I think of it that does sound like an exhausting task. I guess I’d be cranky too if I had that weight on my shoulders.

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