Tuesday, June 30, 2015

One Nation Obsessed With Sex

I’m going to start this blog out with full disclosure: I hate music radio talk shows.

I find them inane. The Christian ones bore me and the secular ones either bore or irritate me. Either way, I don’t care about their stupid polls or social media surveys or call-in stories. If I had my preference, DJs wouldn’t be allowed to talk except to introduce new songs now and then.

(Yes, I know I sound like a horrible person.)

But sometimes there’s just nothing else on during my morning commute, so sometimes I suck it up and listen to their blathering anyway. Like this morning.

My one radio station features the Kane Show in the earlier hours, which in turn features this pig nicknamed Intern John. I don’t think he’s capable of opening his mouth without oinking out something obnoxious. More often than not, it’s sexual in nature.

“Princess Jasmine is a freak in the bed because she has a tiger” and “girls with anklets are easy” are just two of the pointless opinions I’ve heard him express.

But the main DJ, Kane, comes across as a much more mature individual. He has a wife and two little girls. He scolds Intern John for going too far and even sticks up for family values at times.

And yet, I realized something this morning… All he ever talks about is sex.

Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. Sex.

Today, the main topic of conversation was whether you’d rather have someone who was crazy hot and equally bad in bed, or really unattractive and equally amazing in bed. (Not surprisingly, the guys all went with Option A and the women all went with Option B.) I also learned that Twitter users are more sexually adventurous than Facebook users. And there were two other factoids about people’s sex lives that were so lame and pointless I promptly forgot them.

I wish I could scrub my brain of the rest of it too.

I can’t though. Not when we’re a culture obsessed with sex. We saturate our advertising, our media outlets, our education system and even our politics with it. We’ve embraced the whole concept of sex selling until we don’t have anything else to offer. We can’t keep people’s attention without talking about sex. In fact, we’re a little fuzzy on what other topics exist.

Broken down to the basics, we worship sex. It’s our idol. And we’ll do anything and everything we can to defend it and our right to it anytime, anywhere.

Which is really pretty pathetic considering we were made for so much more.

We’re settling, and someday we’re going to realize how unhappy we are with that decision.

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