Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Black-on-White Crime Goes Unlabeled

Sorry to be focusing on race again, but apparently it’s an issue.

Far from the post-racial America Barack Obama promised when first running for office, we seem to be deteriorating into an all-around racist America. Which isn’t doing us any favors.

Shocking, I know.

Despite the South Carolina church shooting that left nine dead, most of the newsworthy violence is black-on-white violence. Unless, of course, you count the thousands and thousands of blacks victimized every year in inner cities across this nation. I don’t think it’s a stretch to consider that white-on-black violence, since it’s the result of mostly white politicians playing God with “underprivileged” lives.

Not surprisingly, playing God isn’t the same thing as being God. So the result is humiliating failure in the form of broken homes and broken streets, where anything goes.

Anything like attacking a driver and her two small children because they’re white.

Around nine in the evening near the University of Chicago campus, Susan Pedersen stopped at a light after dropping a friend off. That was when several dozen young blacks surrounded her car, hurling racial slurs and telling her she didn’t belong in their neighborhood. They busted in the windows with a bicycle, showering her terrified and screaming children in glass.

Fortunately, a police car happened by, scattering the group. Two of the perpetrators were arrested, to be charged with “misdemeanor criminal damage to property.”

Ummm… Huh?

I hate to keep saying this, but if this was a bunch of white brats attacking a defenseless black family, what do you think the charges would be?

As well deserved, it would be assault. But it also would be labeled a hate crime. There’s no doubt about it. Yet it isn’t.

Why? Because we’re a racist society with a chip on our shoulders about past racist events that spur us to assuage our guilt by being racist all over again.

It’s therefore logical and accurate to conclude that, in Obama’s supposed post-racial America, white lives don’t matter. Then again, neither do black lives.

Essentially, we’re so busy focusing on race these days that we forget to focus on much else, including self-worth, dignity, justice… or the art of treating human beings like human beings.

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