Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Christianity Today Can’t Advertise to Save Its Life

I listened to that stupid Kane Show again this morning, which is why I know that the majority of women surveyed (by some poll I didn’t catch the name of) would rather have all of these characteristics in a man over religion/spirituality:

·         Hot body
·         Nice car
·         Cooking skills
·         Good sense of humor
·         Large you-know-what

A nice Christian boy just doesn’t make the cut anymore. At least not in the circles these pollsters run in. And I realized there’s a reason why: The secular world is a hell of a lot better at advertising itself than the Christian world.

It’s true! The secular world has sex and fast cars and romance and companionship and more sex. Or so it says. It also says we offer nothing but chores, rules and regulations.

So what does the Christian Church do about it? Nothing meaningful these days. That’s for sure.

Some of us try to toughen up on those rules and regulations. And yes, there are a bunch. Yet they’re not mean to be swords held over our heads. Contrary to our contender’s commercials, they’re there for our protection, not to spoil our fun.

God WANTS us to have fun. He created this world to be our playground. Saying otherwise is false advertisement, even when it’s coming from God’s people.

However, life isn’t just about instant enjoyment. There’s a healthy balance between having fun in the moment and accepting responsibility. Which brings me to the other, much larger campaign the Christian Church has going on these days.

It’s the one where we preach nothing but “love” to the masses.

Guess what? It’s just as ineffective. Because now we’re peddling God as a bad parent. The kind who tries to kiss up to our friends to be cool. Who allows us to hurt ourselves rather than set boundaries and risk us crying that we hate him. And who provides empty words of “acceptance” for our immature choices instead of challenging us to be and do our best.

Again, I have to ask: Why do we think that’s going to sell well against the sex, fast cars, romance, companionship and more sex that the other side is offering? Seriously!

The fact that we’ve been running these ads for at least a decade or two now… that we’re doubling down on them in the face of failure instead of re-strategizing?

No wonder why we’re failing to recruit anyone. It’s because we’re morons.

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