Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July Entertainment Ends in Race Riot; Young White Man Beaten Unconscious

Thanks to propaganda efforts based on actual history, most Americans are well aware of slavery and its consequences. That includes how, decades after emancipation, white mobs would string up, torture and ultimately kill young black men as entertainment. Women would bring their picnic baskets, families would gather and everyone would have a rip-roaring good time.

Except for the young black man, of course.

Today, we rightly condemn such celebrations as disgusting acts of violence. But then we take our righteous indignation a step too far and call it an indication of how white people are inherently evil and black people are inherently victims.

Which is categorically untrue.

To combat that false notion, let me present exhibit A: the picture of a young white man lying unconscious on the ground, with his face a beaten, bloody mess after dozens of young black men celebrated the Fourth of July gangsta style. Accompanying video at the holiday hip-hop and electronica concert shows onlookers laughing at the prone body of the victim.

Because, you know, 40 against one is such entertainment.

This attack happened as part of a larger riot that day. According to Gateway Pundit, two officers were also injured by people who were throwing fireworks, rocks, bottles and punches at police.

In conjunction with too many similar racial assaults as of late, a short-sighted conclusion to make from this Fourth of July celebration-gone-wrong is that black people are inherently evil and white people are inherently victims.

But look at it through the scope of history, and you’ll see whites being horrible to blacks, whites being horrible to whites, blacks being horrible to blacks, Asians being… Well, hopefully you get the picture.

Human beings of any color are capable of disgusting acts of violence when properly motivated, seizing on any excuse in order to sink to the lowest levels of depravity. Boiled down, it’s not a matter of skin pigmentation (or gender or orientation or nationality); it’s a matter of encouragement…

Encouragement toward either good or evil.

If society promotes the love of unhealthy past-times, stuck-up selfish tendencies and an obsession with immediate gratification, then guess what? Most of us will end up falling in line.

And since that’s exactly what we’re doing these days, we’re getting nothing but evil out of it.

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