Monday, July 27, 2015

How Not to Do Christianity

Friday was a lesson on how not to do Christianity, thanks to a fellow blogger who left a rude comment on one of my posts.

I’m not calling it rude because I disagreed with it. My issue was that it had nothing to do with my subject matter. It was a paragraphs-long ramble that linked to the commenter’s own blog. On my site. Without my permission.

That irritated me enough to email him the following:

Dear Steve,

While I do sincerely appreciate people commenting on my blog posts at Words From the Right, I don't appreciate or allow people to get blatantly off topic or promote themselves for no other purpose than promoting themselves.

Please respect my space and keep your comments relevant going forward.



Here’s what he wrote back:

I’m promoting Jesus. Not myself.

I had to laugh at the pretentiousness. Then I replied with:

For real? That’s your argument?

It’s a good thing that I’m a Christian, because otherwise I’d be so turned off by Christianity right now. And it would be thanks to you. Stop being so pretentious.

While there’s hope for future growth, he kept the pretention at least temporarily turned up with his next response:

Jennette, I will be praying for you. I hope you find God’s truth. In Christ Steve

That made me laugh even harder. And no, it wasn’t due to his Freudian slip of a grammatical error, where he wound up calling himself “Christ.” It was because of who he said that to: Me.

I’m a Bible-believing, born-again conservative Christian who takes God’s Word seriously from start to finish. I’m not being pretentious myself when I say that I know God’s truth. And, among other things, God’s truth says not to be a Pharisee (i.e. a pretentious hypocrite) who “promotes” God in words alone.

So after I’d stopped laughing, I ended the conversation with this:

Already know it, but thanks so much!

I guess I should have also thanked him for a great blog post. And a demonstration on how not to do Christianity.

P.S. All jokes aside, there is a truth out there. And yes, it’s God’s truth. But there’s also a way to present it, which isn’t by shoving it down people’s throats and then acting like they’re the only ones who need to change when they don’t kiss our feet for spreading the good news.

I’ll go a step further by saying that’s a lesson non-Christians should learn as well. Most Christians are not like Steve. The stereotype that we’re judgmental jerks is simply not correct. It’s a pharisaical excuse considering the number of judgmental non-Christian jerks.

In short, the world would be a much better place if we all checked our pretentions at the door. We’re going to have to check them eventually anyway. Why not now?

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