Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In Obama’s America

What does Obama’s America look like? Six years into his presidency, here’s what’s going on…

In Obama’s America, a United States military recruitment center right here at home can be targeted by terrorists, leaving five officers dead; yet the White House won’t fly its flag at half-mast in their memory.

Because here in Obama’s America, we’re not supposed to care about our military men and women. They’re bad, while terrorists just had difficult childhoods.

Speaking of terrorists… In Obama’s America, our government makes deals with Iran, one of the most vicious and dangerous anti-American foreign powers of our time, and then is surprised when groveling doesn’t earn its respect, trust and love.

Because here in Obama’s America, logic isn’t encouraged. (Besides, America always needs to grovel. A little more groveling, we’re told, will do the trick.)

In Obama’s America, we pour money into making friends with our enemies – who, again, are going to hate us one way or the other – but ignore our veterans who have served to protect us. Yup, there’s more negative attention directed at the Department of Veterans Affairs, this time by a whistleblower who says it’s intentionally barring thousands of applicants from receiving healthcare benefits.

Because here in Obama’s America, we need that money to set agendas, not keep promises.

And in Obama’s America, while we’re pouring money that we don’t have into deals we don’t need with foreign countries that are blatantly using us, our own population is suffering. New findings from the Annie E. Casey Foundation show that, while 18% of children in The United States were living in poverty back in 2008, 22% were as of 2013.

And considering all the violence we’ve experienced in the last two years from cities and towns filled with adults and children who have nothing better to do than riot, don’t bet on a stronger 2015 showing when that data comes out.

Because here in Obama’s America, things aren’t getting better, no matter how many times they tell you otherwise. They’re getting worse.

And worse.

And worse.

That was always in the cards for Obama’s America. Because Obama’s America was never America at all.

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