Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Media Keeps Lying About Immigration Problem and Race Issues

Our media bites. Big time.

Why? Because conservatives are right. Among other topics, we’re right about the racial issues plaguing this nation, and we’re right about immigration; but the masses don’t know that because the mainstream media won’t report it.

For example, in the last week alone, there’ve been three brutal crimes committed against American citizens/occupants by illegal immigrants:

·         A six-time deportee, who still managed to get into the country a seventh time, got high on pot. Then he hopped behind the wheel of a car and struck a mother and her two children, aged five and two. Both little ones were taken to the hospital, the 5-year-old with severe lacerations. The illegal immigrant? He drove off. Of course. And the mainstream media (in the form of inMaricopa.com) summed it all up with the headline “2 children injured in Papago crash.” That was in Arizona.
·         A five-time deportee, who still managed to get into the country a sixth time, strolled onto an ocean pier, seemingly selected a target at random and shot. The 32-year-old victim was taking photos with her father; she’s now dead. That was in San Francisco, California. I only found out about that one through conservative news outlets.
·         A four-time deportee, who still managed to get into the country a fifth time, decided he couldn’t stand his wife any longer and took a hammer to her head, killing her. That was down in Texas. I didn’t hear about it at all except as an aside.

Again, that’s just been in the last week. There are plenty of other serious crimes by illegal immigrants taking place around the country. It’s a pattern.

Rather like cops killing felons resisting arrest.

We hear all about those incidents, of course, especially when the cop is presumed white and the felon is black. Then it’s an issue. Then it’s an epidemic, and the mainstream media does all it can to prove that, including falsifying data and ignoring facts.

Oh yeah, and speaking of race, that race riot I wrote about yesterday? The one where a bunch of black people brutally beat up a white guy?

According to police, that wasn’t racially motivated. Looks like they’re officially gun-shy of being called racist by the press.

Good work mainstream media. You’re doing a real bang-up job.

Though something tells me you’re not going to be any happier with the results than we are.

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