Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Racism in All Its Forms

This morning, these three extended headlines on the Drudge Report grabbed my attention:

My thoughts, respectively, upon seeing those extended headlines were:

·         That’s horrible! Maybe I shouldn’t write about it.
·         An illegal committing a crime? Wow. Who’da thunk?
·         So a man gets a year in jail for killing ducks, but Planned Parenthood is praised by the president of The United States for killing babies. Lovely.

I’m going to focus on that first reaction to that first headline though, blatantly overruling my initial concerns.

You see, I had those initial concerns because of all the racist rhetoric going around these days. And not the kind by whites against blacks. I’m talking about by whites and blacks against whites. It’s so prevalent that I’m getting gun-shy about feeding into it further.

Which is really sad when the people at that birthday party deserve the same consideration as any other set of victims, and the perpetrators deserve what they get. It shouldn’t matter who was black and who was white.

Yet it feels like it does. It feels like, by acknowledging it, it’s going to fuel the hateful philosophy that whites are all racist. That blacks can’t be; that they’re all underprivileged and we’re all over-privileged because American society is anti-black and pro-white.

Which, I just don’t agree with. Not when the president is black. Not when my mother lived in the Philadelphia ghetto during the 1960s race riots. Not when the news reflects an anti-white bent that caters to criminals instead of allowing for the possibility that maybe “goodness” isn’t dependent on skin color: that it’s character that counts, and character comes in all pigmentation.

So yeah, I hesitated at addressing this headline and subsequent new story.

And that’s just as tragic as the actual crime.

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