Friday, July 24, 2015

“White Lives Matter” Is Controversial?

“Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.”

That’s what former Baltimore City mayor, former Maryland governor and current Democratic presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley said after being interrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors at a recent forum.

Now, there shouldn’t be anything controversial about that statement. It should be a given: a truth so universal it’s without reproach. Yet it’s too often not acknowledged as one, as O’Malley found out the hard way last week.

He was booed so long and so loud for those simple statements that he never really got another word in edgewise. Apparently, the prevalent opinion at that event – and too many places elsewhere – is that all lives don’t matter, or at least they don’t matter equally.

New as this movement claims to be, its core belief sounds strangely familiar. Like it’s plagiarizing from a long list of racists, sexists and every other bigot who’s ever walked this Earth, including but hardly limited to:

·         White Americans toward black Americans in the 19th century
·         20th century white German attitudes toward mostly white or “white-looking” Jews and Russians.
·         20th century black Rwandan Hutus toward black Rwandan Tutsis.
·         White Normans (French origins) toward white Saxons (English origins) in the Middle Ages
·         White English to the white Irish or the white Scottish in the Middle Ages
·         First-century Romans against Christians

Throughout history, people have made it a point to oppress others for their own political, social, financial or personal gain. And they’ve come up with whatever lame reason they could think up, from skin color to nationality to gender to origins to location to belief systems.

So Black Lives Matter movement? Don’t think you’re so special, either as the oppressed or the oppressor. For that matter, don’t think you’re so special at all.

Your black lives don’t matter any more or any less than my white life does.

In other words, get over yourself.

If that’s controversial, then welcome to the next wave of oppression. Hope you enjoy it.

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