Monday, August 31, 2015

There’s No Such Thing as a Christian Break-Up Song

You know what I realized about Christian music the other day?

It never features any break-up songs.

That’s rather interesting considering how the whole genre focuses on relationships, usually the kind we have with God (though there are the random few that focus on our relationships with others). And relationships are such very messy things.

That’s why secular music, which also predominantly focuses on relationships, does feature so many break-up songs.

You’ve got the Taylor Swift kind, where commitments end in irate declarations of “We Are Never Getting Back Together” because the other person is such a pain in the neck.

Or the he/she did me wrong type such as Ed-Sheeran’s “Don’t.”

Then there’s Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston’s classic “I Will Always Love You” message, which promises to never truly get over the ex.

And let’s not forget all those tracks out there about one-night stands, including Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” They’re still about break-ups when it comes down to it.

When you think about it, it only makes sense that secular music features so many messages like that. After all, broken relationships are part of life on this planet, whether due to personality differences, cheating, one-sided or conflicted decisions, or poor judgement.

Yet Christian music doesn’t go there. Not once.

Oh, it captures the hard times and allows that we humans screw things up. It acknowledges the obvious of how our personalities are too often unbecoming, that we stray, we walk away when we shouldn’t, we look for quick fixes instead of lasting meaning.

But as Tenth Avenue North’s “Beloved” shares, God’s always waiting to take us back.

I suppose that’s the nice thing about a heavenly relationship vs. an earthly one. While we’re down here, we always have the option of walking away… but God’s side of the ‘til-death-do-us-part agreement is an unbreakable commitment.

Better yet, since he offers new, never-ending life, we’ve got an eternity ahead of us where… break-up songs?

They’re just not relevant anymore.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Could Donald Trump Have Been Right to Kick Jorge Ramos Out of His Press Conference?

I’ve already established I don’t like Donald Trump, and I’m sticking with that opinion. However, I’ve got to give Trump some kudos right now for how he handled the whole Jorge Ramos thing.

I first heard about the incident yesterday from a very nice coworker who was very upset about how very rude Trump was to the most revered Latino newscaster in the U.S. And while I’d never heard of Ramos before, I wasn’t surprised to hear the allegation.

Trump kicking someone out of his conference for merely asking a question, then insulting his ethnic background? Totally up his ally, right? I mean, it’s Trump. Of course he was rude.

Except that he wasn’t this time. He was completely within his rights. Ramos was the rude one and completely deserved to be kicked out.

I watched the video myself. I’m not basing this off of hearsay. Here’s how it went down…

There was a whole room full of people waiting to ask questions. When it was Ramos’ turn, he told Trump his thoughts, using definitive language though a calm tone. Trump responded with the same.

Now, it was very clear the men didn’t like each other. But they did the typical interrupt-each-other-every-other-second debate thing quite nicely for about five minutes before Donald Trump moved on to someone else’s question.

Except that Ramos wouldn’t sit down or stop speaking. In his defense, he did it in the least belligerent manner possible, but he still pointedly and repeatedly refused to give way to someone else, claiming that he had the right to ask questions.

Which he actually didn’t.

It was Trump’s conference, and therefore – fairly or unfairly – Trump had the right to decide who got to speak and for how long. And quite unfairly, Ramos was demanding a disproportionate amount of engagement compared to his fellow journalists. Which, I have to say, isn’t surprising considering how he also made the argument that “no human is illegal.”

According to that logic, not only should we have open borders but we should be allowed to do whatever we want in general, whether that’s murdering or raping, stealing or assault. It’s not a rational line of reasoning. Nor is expecting Trump to allow him more than five minutes.

And honestly? It’s that kind of entitlement attitude that is killing the country.

Again, I still don’t like Donald Trump, but we’re crucifying the wrong person here.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Murderer Vester Lee Flanagan Was a Product of His Liberal Education

Yesterday morning, black, gay, Virginian ex-newsman Vester Lee Flanagan shot three straight, white ex-coworkers on live TV. Two of them died on the scene.

The horrific act of violence shocked the nation and captured media attention, as if it was completely unexpected. As if this was an anomaly. As if it was illogical.

But was it really? I mean, we tell our “minorities” (i.e. anyone who isn’t a white male) that they’re victims and that non-minorities (i.e. anyone who is a white male) owe them. And then we’re surprised when they take us seriously.

According to every source I’ve read so far, Flanagan was a racial quota fulfillment. If you’re offended by that statement, you should be. It’s very offensive that businesses are pressured into hiring people based on their skin color instead of their merit, as if minorities can’t get ahead without a helping hand from non-minorities.

Yet according to his rambling suicide note/manifesto, Flanagan suffered greatly under the delusion that he couldn’t or shouldn’t work to improve himself. That it was someone else’s job.

Hence the reason why he had the newscaster position that he did despite an overwhelming lack of qualifications. According to court documents, his delivery was terrible, he couldn’t follow a teleprompter and he didn’t play well with others.

Yet did he bother to consider that he was the problem after getting fired?

Nope! Because society has told him he didn’t have to. It taught him there’s always a white person to blame, somewhere, someway. And Flanagan learned his lesson well considering his documented complaints about how miserably treated he was as a black gay man.

He also mentioned how he was motivated by the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting back in June. Basically, since some random white moron murdered a bunch of random black people for alleged crimes against white people, Flanagan felt justified in murdering completely unconnected white people.

Sounds logical… to a liberal.

I’m not trying to be funny here. To a liberal, that is logical. Just like after 9/11, there were liberals who publically wondered why terrorists would hit liberal cities like New York and D.C. instead of conservative hotspots down in Texas or out in the Bible Belt.

So Vester Lee Flanagan’s act of violence? Sure, be horrified. Just don’t be so shocked.

Sadly, it makes sense.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Old Dominion University Shows Schools Care About Women (When Parents Are Around)

With school about to start at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, parents were busy dropping their brand new college students off and helping them settle in their dorms. So the frat boys of Sigma Nu decided to welcome them in with some informative signs, which read:


Stupid. Immature. Lame. Pathetic. Piggish. Obnoxious.

Those descriptions accurately describe the losers who hung those banners from the frat house. I’ll even add disrespectful, sexist and societally harmful. But the way Old Dominion is freaking out, the signs were akin to rape and might as well have read “NO MEANS YES, YES MEANS ANAL”…

Which is incidentally what a frat at Yale chanted at female freshman dorms a few years back…with far less negative attention or repercussions.

That’s because paying parents weren’t present at Yale that disturbing night. The school was able to sweep it under the rug and keep pretending it cares about providing quality education.

Old Dominion had no such recourse. Those signs were out in the open for moms and dads to see, hence the reason why it had to issue statements like:

“Messages like the ones displayed yesterday by a few students on the balcony of their private residence are not and will not be tolerated. The moment University staff became aware of these banners, they worked to have them removed. At ODU, we foster a community of respect and dignity and these messages sickened us. They are not representative of our 3,000 faculty and staff, 25,000 students and our 130,000 alumni. Ours is a community that works actively to promote bystander intervention and takes a stand denouncing violence against women.”

Yeah. ‘Cause that’s why it takes such a mid-semester stance against all the underage drinking, wild parties and sexual exploration that constantly takes place on campus.

If it honestly believes those Sigma Nu frat boys – or the other frats, sororities and remaining student body – normally spend their time respecting women, then it has no business teaching anyone about anything, much less gender relations.

And if it’s just spouting words for the sake of spouting words?

Same answer. This is why “higher” education these days is a joke. Because you gotta be high to believe it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Could This Be Why Transgenders Have Such a High Suicide Rate?

According to USA Today, transgender people have a higher suicide rate than non-transgender people, with 41% of them attempting to to kill themselves. And it’s all because of bullying.

Let me stop myself right there and clarify the tone of this blogpost. I’m not trying to make light of suicide. I’m not trying to make light of bullying. Nor am I trying to make light of transgenders. All three are serious problems.

Yes, I just went there. And I’ll say it again. Transgenderism is a problem. It’s a psychological disorder.

What else can you call a condition where you’re born a physical female and mentally think yourself a male? Or you’re born a physical male and mentally think yourself a female?

It would be the same thing as if you were born a human and thought yourself a bird. Or you were born with pasty white skin but thought yourself of direct Ethiopian descent. It’s okay if you like “male” activities or “female” activities, or birds or Ethiopian culture. But there’s something wrong with you if you take the next step in claiming that you’re not what you are and you are what you’re not.

This is Logic 101.

Here’s logic 102: if there’s something wrong with you, yet you’re discouraged from getting the help you need, that compounds the problem. It can lead to even more psychological disruption… like thoughts of suicide.

That’s why I’m not calling out people who suffer from transgenderism today. I’m calling out those people who “support” their fellow human being’s “right” to mental illness. Too often, they champion their inaccurate and harmful claims, not because they care, but because of peer pressure.

The media is so good at making them think all the “cool kids” support transgenderism as a legitimate lifestyle, and they want to be liked by the cool kids. They want to be the cool kids. They want it so much they’ll agree to whatever the cool kids tell them to agree with, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

Oh, they’ll wax poetic about how sad it is transgenders have such a high suicide rate, and then they’ll pat themselves on the back for caring…

When in fact, they’re just as guilty as any bully out there.

As for those people who are just truly delusional and genuinely think transgenderism is natural? I have very little good to say about them either. Because they’re still part of a very real, very damaging problem that leads people to commit suicide.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A New Slogan for Planned Parenthood

I’m genuinely sick of the whole abortion debate, not because I don’t think it’s worthwhile but because people are too dogmatic, controlling or controlled to consider the facts.

So I’m not going to present any arguments or even data today. I’m just going to reference all of those hidden camera videos coming out about Planned Parenthood… the ones showing executives trying to make (more) money off the fetuses they abort.

Then, based on those, I’m going to suggest a new slogan for the pro-abortion movement:

“Women’s Bodies. Planned Parenthood’s Profit.”

Think it over. If you can.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are Comic Book Movies and TV Shows the Next Wave of Empowerment for Women?

Today, let’s discuss superheroes and comic books and the movies they make out of those comic books. It’s a topic I’m totally into right now, though you’d never know that reading this blog.

Believe it or not, I am interested in subject matter outside of politics, and I do more with my life than rant about how societal ills. For example, if you check out my other blog,, you’ll read all about my novel-writing adventures.

Then there’s the Sharp Angles podcast. Don’t ask me what the url is. I don’t know it since I don’t listen to it since I hate the sound of my recorded voice. But if you manage to find it, you’ll discover I’m kinda obsessed about what my friend Rich calls the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

After watching all three Iron Mans, both Thors and Captain Americas, the first Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, not to mention Agent Carter and half the first season of Agents of Shield – so far – this year (toldja I was obsessed), I’ve noticed a bit of a theme when it comes to how female powerhouses are portrayed. And how they’re portrayed is pretty much the same way how females are portrayed in general by Hollywood these days: physically perfect.

And I do mean perfect.

Take Black Widow – who’s so vital to The Avengers team that she also plays big roles in both an Iron Man and Captain America, yet never gets a movie of her own – who is sensual from her un-mussed hair to her latex bodysuit to her high heels… all the time… including when she successfully takes on four bad guys at once without ever breaking a nail.

Okay then.

And then there’s Agent Carter, the drop-dead gorgeous love of Captain America’s life back in the 40s. She’s got her own TV show now, where she’s – you guessed it – physically perfect.

So I had to laugh when I saw the Yahoo headline this morning “The rise of the female superhero,” with the caption, “Female protagonists are finally getting their due thanks to a new generation of women writers and artists.”

Why is that so funny?

Oh, I guess because of the picture above it, featuring Agent Carter undercover as a stunning blond in a V-neck golden gown showing off significant amounts of her upper assets.

Not her looking official at her desk or facing down her misogynistic coworkers or shouldering a really big gun. Nope. It’s her in a slinky number looking more like a trophy than a human being.

Yeah. ‘Cause that’s going to convince little girls everywhere to study calculus instead of Vogue.

Great job, Hollywood. You killed it again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donald Trump's Republican Supporters Are Being So Dogmatic, They Might as Well Be Liberals

Thanks to Donald Trump, I am something severely less than impressed with my own party right now. It’s not even the typical moron leadership this time that’s aggravating me so badly. I’m referring to the constituents, who I overall like to have a decent opinion of.

Judging by recent events, that desire is about as realistic as expecting logic from a liberal.

I know I’m late to the game on Trump’s comments about Megyn Kelly, but I’d like to share my thoughts on the matter anyway. After the debate, he tweeted she “had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

And then, when he was called out on it, he made some stupid excuse that he was talking about her nose and how only a pervert would think otherwise, then went off on how political correctness is destroying the country.

For that, I have no qualms about comparing him to those women who cry rape just to get back at ex-boyfriends or make themselves feel better about poor decisions. Rape is a serious problem, and they turn it into a sorry joke.

In the same way, Trump is using the serious problem of people forcing their opinions on others in the name of “political correctness” to play to his own selfish purpose.

Like I said in my last blog about him, right after the debate and before the news of his tweets hit, Donald Trump is a blowhard and an ego-case who uses divisive language. Unfortunately, to a large degree, that’s to be expected. So while his comments about Kelly were ridiculously offensive and unnecessarily immature, they’re not entirely unexpected.

What I find a lot more disturbing is the chunk of the Republican base determined to defend him.

What the heck!

I’m constantly calling out liberals for their dogmatic commitment to their ideology like they’re mindless zombies. They defend their leaders no matter what they do, whether it be demeaning women, taking bribes or lying to the public. Yet right now, we’re acting no better than them.

Wake up, people!

It’s okay to say that Donald Trump has some good ideas without condoning his bad behavior. We can stand on truth without defending anyone on everything who purports to stand for that truth.

And guess what? We can also acknowledge that maybe we backed a candidate who turned out to be a dud. We’re human. It happens.

So basically, get real Republicans. Get a life. Either that or get out.

Monday, August 10, 2015

One of Cecil the Lion’s Cubs Gets Killed

Last month, Cecil the lion was shot and killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist.

As the hunter found out the hard way, Cecil was a local icon, tagged and tracked by wildlife biologists. So the big cat’s death made the news. In a big way.

In no time flat, the American dentist found himself in the crosshairs, receiving enough death threats and hate mail to force him into hiding to save his life.

Now we’re learning that Cecil’s rivals are trying to take over his turf. And in so doing, they’ve already killed one of the former territory king’s cubs. Moreover, they’ll likely kill the rest of them before long.

“Lions practice infanticide,” a source told the Mirror, which was then picked up by The Telegraph. “The male, looking to take over and mate with the three lionesses, would have crushed the cub’s skull as he looked to stake his claim.”

So here’s my question… Is anyone going to send hate mail and death threats to the offending feline?

I mean, it didn’t have to kill the poor, defenseless little cub. It doesn’t have to take over anything. Why can’t it just be content to stay on its own plot of land, live and let live?

Seems to me that if lions’ lives have the same value as human lives, they should be held to the same standards. It’s hypocritical otherwise.

Then again, I guess we kill baby humans all the time and don’t think twice. So maybe we really are all animals.

Friday, August 7, 2015

What Republicans Can Learn From Donald Trump

I’m not a Donald Trump fan. He’s not at the bottom of my presidential wish list (that might be Bush. Or Christie), but he certainly ain’t at the top. My top choices go as follows:

1.      Ben Carson
2.      Ben Carson
3.      Ben Carson

No, just kidding. Kinda. If Carson can’t take it, then I would happily throw my vote behind Scott Walker and then Ted Cruz.

But with that said, I’ve got to hand it to Mr. Trump, because he has something going for him that part of me respects… He’s not a coward.

Sure, he’s a blowhard and an ego-case, but he’s not a coward. Which isn’t something too many Republicans, especially those in leadership, can claim these days. During the debate – which I didn’t watch because I had more important things to do, like read my new Lauren Willlig novel –   Bush reportedly said the following about Trump:

“Mr. Trump's language is divisive. We're not going to win by doing what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do every day: dividing the country.”

And Ohio Governor John Kasich said this:

“Because someone doesn’t think the way I do doesn’t mean that I can’t care about them or I can’t love them. God gives me unconditional love, and I’m going to give it to my family and my friends and the people around me.”

Here’s the thing: Their words aren’t necessarily wrong. I mean, let’s face it, Trump’s language is divisive. We don’t want to be as disruptive as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And yes, we are supposed to love unconditionally.

Yet their attitudes and actions are pathetic. They posture like beaten curs instead of top dogs, apologizing for strong statements they’ve made, refusing to condemn what deserves to be condemned, and playing nice with an opposition that refuses to do the same.

Newsflash here: beaten curs don’t win. Sometimes the underdog does, but never a beaten cur.

Donald Trump doesn’t act like a beaten cur. He doesn’t apologize. He condemns what he damn well feels like condemning. And he certainly doesn’t play nice unless someone’s nice to him. When co-moderator Megyn Kelly (who doesn’t pull punches either) called Trump out about calling women fat pigs and disgusting animals in the past, what did he do?

He shrugged and said, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” Which isn’t nice. But it certainly isn’t cowardly.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Conservative Response to Rolling Stone’s Republican-Debate Drinking Game

One of my angry liberal Facebook friends posted Rolling Stone’s Republican-debate drinking game the other day. At first I ignored it, then decided to give liberals a chance to change my opinion, despite how disappointing such efforts have been in the past.

Here’s what I read, word for word…


1. Donald Trump mentions his wealth, or how smart he is.
2. A candidate mentions Benghazi
3. A candidate says, "This president..."
4. A candidate whines about not getting called on enough.
5. Someone promises to "take America back."
6. Trump interrupts someone by saying, "Excuse me, let me answer that…"
7. Anyone mentions Hitler, Nazis or Neville Chamberlain. Includes related imagery, e.g. "ovens."
8. The crowd cheers a racist/bigoted statement by a candidate.
9. A candidate mentions his poor/hardscrabble upbringing, or a parent who "worked every day of his life."
10. A candidate talks about "stopping Hillary Clinton."
11. Anyone warns the U.S. is becoming Greece.
12. Trump refers to himself in the third person.
13. Anyone invokes St. Ronald Reagan.

Drink EVERY time a candidate:

14. Claims a positive relationship with a minority. Also known as the, "Some of my best friends are…" rule.
15. Tries to speak Spanish
16. Tries to warm up to the Ohio crowd with an awkward LeBron shout-out.

Drink EVERY TIME you hear the word(s):

17. "I'm not a scientist."
18. "You can keep your doctor."
19. "ACORN."
20. "The war on Christians."
21. "Thug."
22. "Right here in Ohio."
23. "Culture of dependency."


24. "Kenya."
25. "All Lives Matter."

In response, I’d like to propose my own drinking game, this one for dealing with liberals. There’s no set categories. Just have a sip of your choice drink every time you hear liberals:

1.      Mention how compassionate they are
2.      Make light of a physical attack on America by a foreign entity where people were killed, like Benghazi
3.      Accuse the opposition of being racist just because they disagree with "This president"
4.      Whine about it being “Bush’s fault”
5.      Thrust America toward an oppressive, restrictive future she was never supposed to achieve
6.      Refuse to listen to reason
7.      Equate today’s problems with George W. Bush and the Republican Congress that didn’t exist during Obama’s first years in office
8.      Make a racist/bigoted statement while thinking they’re so accepting
9.      Talk about how difficult their lives are (because liberals are always oppressed)
10.  Talk about “stopping George W. Bush” like he’s still in office (yes, there’s a theme here)
11.  Ignore how the U.S. is becoming Greece
12.  Refer to themselves as enlightened, reasonable and open-minded
13.  Invoke feminist or civil rights icons (or Cecil the lion)
14.  Claim a positive relationship with a minority. Also known as the, "Some of my best friends are…" rule (This one doesn’t change at all)
15.  Heavily imply that all Hispanics clean toilets (thanks for that, Kelly Osbourne)
16.  Make an awkward association to show that they’re hip, they’re down, they care
17.  Think they’re experts on matters they have no actual expertise in
18.  Downplay, mock or ignore how over two-thirds of Obamacare enrollees worry about their coverage
19.  Downplay, mock or ignore how liberal-linked organizations such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood are about as altruistic as a lion with an antelope
20.  Ignore bigotry whenever it’s against Christians, Republicans, whites or men (or Israel)
21.  Tell "thugs" they’re the product of their environment, not life choices
22.  Make quantum leaps in order to find things to criticize Republicans for, like saying “Right here in Ohio”
23.  Downplay, mock or ignore the "Culture of dependency" that has people living their whole lives without experiencing true freedom
24.  Make quantum leaps in order to find things to criticize Republicans for, like mentioning “Kenya” (in other words, make quantum leaps in order to criticize Republicans for anything that comes out of their mouths… ‘cause that’s not bigoted at all)
25.  Refuse to recognize that all lives really do matter

Why participate in something as utterly immature as a drinking game in the first place? Because the more you drink, the less you’ll care liberals are destroying your country. It’s hard to care when you’re dead from alcohol poisoning (which, incidentally, will occur after about an hour. Tops).

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Business Owner Discovers That $70,000 a Year Doesn’t Buy Happiness… And Socialism Doesn’t Work

Months ago, I read about some idiot businessman, Dan Price, who decided to give every single one of his employees $70,000 a year, Apparently he’d read somewhere (probably The Huffington Post) that $70,000 was the magical figure to achieve happiness.

And yes, he’s on the West Coast. Seattle, to be specific.

Hoping to build his own utopia and inspire others along the way, he slashed his salary to $70,000, cut some employees’ pay and hiked others so that everyone was equal.

I’m sure Dan Price is a very nice kind of idiot, but he’s an idiot nonetheless. Anyone with any grasp on reality would understand that was one epic fail waiting to happen. Since I do have a grasp on reality and I run my own freelance business Innovative Editing, here’s how it works:

·         Almost nobody goes to work five days a week and gives it their all because it makes them happy. Almost nobody. They do it because they need the money.
·         The promise of more money is a greater incentive than stable money. People will give extra when they think they’ll be paid in kind.
·         For mature people, it’s a disincentive to see others do less work, less important work or shoddier work and get the same treatment. For immature people, knowing you’ll get paid the same regardless of whether you bring your A-game or even your B, C or D-game is a great excuse to continue being immature.

In other words, equal pay for unequal work doesn’t inspire anyone to do anything positive.

In other words, socialism doesn’t work.

Which is exactly what Dan Price is finding out the hard way these days. The company is falling apart and he himself is so broke he’s having to rent his home out.

None of this is to say that capitalism doesn’t have its snags. Believe me: I know. I’m petite with short, curly hair. I look more like Snow White fresh out of college than an experienced professional. And yeah, in a capitalist system, my looks do not work in my favor.

Do you know what else doesn’t work in my favor? Working a nine to five under immature people who are so busy trying to make themselves feel better about their pathetic lives that they’ll say and do just about anything, including but not limited to giving everyone but me a raise and bonus for the last two years for reasons nobody cares to share with me.

Again, not fair.

Yet even with those limitations, capitalism is still a whole lot better than socialism. For proof, consider this: I’m not losing my job because my boss was so stupid as to pay everyone $70,000.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trainwreck Amy Schumer Calls for Stricter Gun Control

“Enough is enough,” says comedian Amy Schumer concerning what she sees as an appalling lack of gun control.

As Yahoo explains, “For Amy Schumer, the subject of gun violence and mass shootings became ‘extremely personal’ last month, when John Russel Houser opened fire in a movie theater in Lafayette during a screening of her film ‘Trainwreck,’ killing two people and injuring nine others.”

I can only imagine how traumatizing that would be. And I am very sorry for the guilt she doubtlessly feels. It must be devastating.

But that doesn’t make her an expert on guns. It doesn’t make her an expert on criminal behavior. At the risk of sounding cruel, it doesn’t make her an expert on anything except second-hand loss.

Her professional life as a stand-up comedian and now actress doesn’t lend her opinion here any credit either. Considering the material she works with and the image she works hard to project, it only damns her testimony and opinion to the trash heap of uneducated drivel.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Amy Schumer is, consider “Wedding Crashers,” “Forty-Year-Old Virgin” and “Horrible Bosses.” They’re all crass movies filled with foul language and immature levels of sexuality. Yet, I’ll admit, they’re funny. I even own two of them.

So please read between the lines: This next opinion isn’t coming from a prude...

Amy Schumer, on the other hand, is just crass. She’s not crass and funny. She’s not disgusting and funny. In fact, I can’t even call her disgusting. She’s boring. And predictable, with every punchline I’ve ever heard her deliver being about sex, as if there’s nothing else to life.

She’s an expert on being the lewd, uncaring stereotype of a female trainwreck: someone who tries to project confidence while actually being horribly hurt and hurting.

I’m not going to compare her to Houser, making parallels between her active participation in the destruction of American morals, and shooting up theaters. She’s not a murderer. But that’s about the only positive thing I can say about her. Other than the fact that she hasn’t killed anyone, she’s not a good person. She’s damaged and determined to remain so.

Bottom line? Schumer needs to work on getting herself help before she has a prayer of solving anyone else’s problems.

Monday, August 3, 2015

SHOCKING: Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Still Wants to Wipe Israel off the Map

Guess what Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s done since signing off on the nuclear deal with America?

If you guess anything even remotely positive, please do us all a favor and move to Iran. You’re not wanted or needed here in the U.S.

If you guess anything along the lines of how he re-expressed his desire to decimate Israel, while taking swipes at The Great Satan, then congratulations! You can recognize the obvious.

It’s not confirmed by the White House yet, but it appears that Khamenei published a 416-page guide on how to destroy Israel, a friend of The Great Satan (a.k.a. America) through a decades-long jihad. There were also references to taking over at least a good chunk of the rest of the world.

Why do I suddenly have the Pinky and the Brain theme song running through my head?

Brain: Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Pinky: The odds of that don’t seem likely.

Brain: We’re going to take over the world!!!!!!

Of course, there’s an obvious difference between two messed-up lab mice thinking they can conquer Earth, and Iran thinking the same thing. One is funny, the other isn’t.

And it will become even less funny if Obama manages to convince the bunch of self-focused, short-sighted morons known as Congress to back his nuclear deal pet project.

I’d love to say there’s absolutely no possibility of that happening, but let’s face it… There shouldn’t have been any chance of Obamacare passing, or of Obamatrade passing, or of our borders remaining so utterly unprotected on the mere say-so of an American president.

So I’m not holding my breath on this one.

And if this nuclear deal does pass, well, who knows how many more breaths we have left anyway.