Friday, August 28, 2015

Could Donald Trump Have Been Right to Kick Jorge Ramos Out of His Press Conference?

I’ve already established I don’t like Donald Trump, and I’m sticking with that opinion. However, I’ve got to give Trump some kudos right now for how he handled the whole Jorge Ramos thing.

I first heard about the incident yesterday from a very nice coworker who was very upset about how very rude Trump was to the most revered Latino newscaster in the U.S. And while I’d never heard of Ramos before, I wasn’t surprised to hear the allegation.

Trump kicking someone out of his conference for merely asking a question, then insulting his ethnic background? Totally up his ally, right? I mean, it’s Trump. Of course he was rude.

Except that he wasn’t this time. He was completely within his rights. Ramos was the rude one and completely deserved to be kicked out.

I watched the video myself. I’m not basing this off of hearsay. Here’s how it went down…

There was a whole room full of people waiting to ask questions. When it was Ramos’ turn, he told Trump his thoughts, using definitive language though a calm tone. Trump responded with the same.

Now, it was very clear the men didn’t like each other. But they did the typical interrupt-each-other-every-other-second debate thing quite nicely for about five minutes before Donald Trump moved on to someone else’s question.

Except that Ramos wouldn’t sit down or stop speaking. In his defense, he did it in the least belligerent manner possible, but he still pointedly and repeatedly refused to give way to someone else, claiming that he had the right to ask questions.

Which he actually didn’t.

It was Trump’s conference, and therefore – fairly or unfairly – Trump had the right to decide who got to speak and for how long. And quite unfairly, Ramos was demanding a disproportionate amount of engagement compared to his fellow journalists. Which, I have to say, isn’t surprising considering how he also made the argument that “no human is illegal.”

According to that logic, not only should we have open borders but we should be allowed to do whatever we want in general, whether that’s murdering or raping, stealing or assault. It’s not a rational line of reasoning. Nor is expecting Trump to allow him more than five minutes.

And honestly? It’s that kind of entitlement attitude that is killing the country.

Again, I still don’t like Donald Trump, but we’re crucifying the wrong person here.

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