Monday, August 17, 2015

Could This Be Why Transgenders Have Such a High Suicide Rate?

According to USA Today, transgender people have a higher suicide rate than non-transgender people, with 41% of them attempting to to kill themselves. And it’s all because of bullying.

Let me stop myself right there and clarify the tone of this blogpost. I’m not trying to make light of suicide. I’m not trying to make light of bullying. Nor am I trying to make light of transgenders. All three are serious problems.

Yes, I just went there. And I’ll say it again. Transgenderism is a problem. It’s a psychological disorder.

What else can you call a condition where you’re born a physical female and mentally think yourself a male? Or you’re born a physical male and mentally think yourself a female?

It would be the same thing as if you were born a human and thought yourself a bird. Or you were born with pasty white skin but thought yourself of direct Ethiopian descent. It’s okay if you like “male” activities or “female” activities, or birds or Ethiopian culture. But there’s something wrong with you if you take the next step in claiming that you’re not what you are and you are what you’re not.

This is Logic 101.

Here’s logic 102: if there’s something wrong with you, yet you’re discouraged from getting the help you need, that compounds the problem. It can lead to even more psychological disruption… like thoughts of suicide.

That’s why I’m not calling out people who suffer from transgenderism today. I’m calling out those people who “support” their fellow human being’s “right” to mental illness. Too often, they champion their inaccurate and harmful claims, not because they care, but because of peer pressure.

The media is so good at making them think all the “cool kids” support transgenderism as a legitimate lifestyle, and they want to be liked by the cool kids. They want to be the cool kids. They want it so much they’ll agree to whatever the cool kids tell them to agree with, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

Oh, they’ll wax poetic about how sad it is transgenders have such a high suicide rate, and then they’ll pat themselves on the back for caring…

When in fact, they’re just as guilty as any bully out there.

As for those people who are just truly delusional and genuinely think transgenderism is natural? I have very little good to say about them either. Because they’re still part of a very real, very damaging problem that leads people to commit suicide.

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