Thursday, August 27, 2015

Murderer Vester Lee Flanagan Was a Product of His Liberal Education

Yesterday morning, black, gay, Virginian ex-newsman Vester Lee Flanagan shot three straight, white ex-coworkers on live TV. Two of them died on the scene.

The horrific act of violence shocked the nation and captured media attention, as if it was completely unexpected. As if this was an anomaly. As if it was illogical.

But was it really? I mean, we tell our “minorities” (i.e. anyone who isn’t a white male) that they’re victims and that non-minorities (i.e. anyone who is a white male) owe them. And then we’re surprised when they take us seriously.

According to every source I’ve read so far, Flanagan was a racial quota fulfillment. If you’re offended by that statement, you should be. It’s very offensive that businesses are pressured into hiring people based on their skin color instead of their merit, as if minorities can’t get ahead without a helping hand from non-minorities.

Yet according to his rambling suicide note/manifesto, Flanagan suffered greatly under the delusion that he couldn’t or shouldn’t work to improve himself. That it was someone else’s job.

Hence the reason why he had the newscaster position that he did despite an overwhelming lack of qualifications. According to court documents, his delivery was terrible, he couldn’t follow a teleprompter and he didn’t play well with others.

Yet did he bother to consider that he was the problem after getting fired?

Nope! Because society has told him he didn’t have to. It taught him there’s always a white person to blame, somewhere, someway. And Flanagan learned his lesson well considering his documented complaints about how miserably treated he was as a black gay man.

He also mentioned how he was motivated by the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting back in June. Basically, since some random white moron murdered a bunch of random black people for alleged crimes against white people, Flanagan felt justified in murdering completely unconnected white people.

Sounds logical… to a liberal.

I’m not trying to be funny here. To a liberal, that is logical. Just like after 9/11, there were liberals who publically wondered why terrorists would hit liberal cities like New York and D.C. instead of conservative hotspots down in Texas or out in the Bible Belt.

So Vester Lee Flanagan’s act of violence? Sure, be horrified. Just don’t be so shocked.

Sadly, it makes sense.

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