Monday, August 10, 2015

One of Cecil the Lion’s Cubs Gets Killed

Last month, Cecil the lion was shot and killed in Zimbabwe by an American dentist.

As the hunter found out the hard way, Cecil was a local icon, tagged and tracked by wildlife biologists. So the big cat’s death made the news. In a big way.

In no time flat, the American dentist found himself in the crosshairs, receiving enough death threats and hate mail to force him into hiding to save his life.

Now we’re learning that Cecil’s rivals are trying to take over his turf. And in so doing, they’ve already killed one of the former territory king’s cubs. Moreover, they’ll likely kill the rest of them before long.

“Lions practice infanticide,” a source told the Mirror, which was then picked up by The Telegraph. “The male, looking to take over and mate with the three lionesses, would have crushed the cub’s skull as he looked to stake his claim.”

So here’s my question… Is anyone going to send hate mail and death threats to the offending feline?

I mean, it didn’t have to kill the poor, defenseless little cub. It doesn’t have to take over anything. Why can’t it just be content to stay on its own plot of land, live and let live?

Seems to me that if lions’ lives have the same value as human lives, they should be held to the same standards. It’s hypocritical otherwise.

Then again, I guess we kill baby humans all the time and don’t think twice. So maybe we really are all animals.

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