Monday, September 21, 2015

Outsider Ahmed Mohamed Was Wrong to Bring Bomb-Like Clock Into School

I don’t appreciate when people visit other countries and pretend they don’t have to respect those cultures. It’s rude and arrogant and utterly unacceptable.

Sure, there are some cultural oddities that are easily overlooked by outsiders. But then there are some facts and factoids that are so obvious and well-known that you’d have to be an idiot not to take them into consideration.

For instance, if I ever visit the Middle East, I won’t wear my two-piece swimsuit. Sure, the bottoms are like short running shorts and the top is even more modest, but baring my midriff would be deemed inappropriate and disrespectful. It might even get me arrested.

I’ve never been to the Middle East, but I know that full well. It’s incompetent not to know.

Keep that in mind. Now let’s change a few details. Let’s say it’s someone from the Middle East in the United States. And let’s say they’re not visiting; they’re living here.

As such, shouldn’t they should know we have a recent, painful and continuing history of Muslim extremists – most of Middle Eastern origin – trying to blow us up?

The answer is unequivocally yes.

Yet right now, the world is freaking out about Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Texas resident who brought a homemade clock that looked like a bomb into school. Mohamed was arrested, questioned, released and suspended for three days.

People are calling the school racist for profiling a Middle Easterner as a bomb maker.

But how about his part in all of this? How about his parents’ involvement? They should have known better, and even if they had a major momentary lapse of judgement, they should have recognized after the fact that they were in the wrong and apologized, not expected their host country to treat them with kid gloves.

Innocent mistake or not, they were wrong. And the teacher was right to contact the principle, the principle was right to contact the police, and the police were right to arrest Mohamed.

The. Clock. Looked. Like. A. Bomb.

What were they supposed to do? Smile and say, “Oh, honey, that really makes me nervous and the government tells us to “see something, say something,” but because you’re not a white kid, I’m going to play it PC and risk everyone else in the building.

If that’s really how Americans are supposed to behave toward Middle Easterners, then we might as well let the real bomb makers blow us up now instead of later.

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