Friday, September 25, 2015

Pope Francis Is a Hypocrite and These Activist Immigrants Are Disingenuous

I really can’t stand Pope Francis. He’s a socialist who trusts in government over God (practically the definition of socialism, by the way), who doesn’t understand reality and who’s a royal hypocrite to boot.

Coming to D.C. yesterday, he urged Congress to adopt liberal positions on such matters as immigration. Yet like so many other affluent people preaching tolerance for the hordes of illegal or unacceptable immigrants flooding the Western world, he lives behind a practically un-scalable wall.

If he’s so much against borders, why doesn’t he tear down his own?

Maybe it’s because, deep down inside, he knows that these immigrants he thinks WE should welcome into our midst come from completely different cultures. They don’t respect universal morals the way we’ve been taught to.

Think I’m being too harsh?

Consider the new report out that refugee camps in Germany are running rampant with rape and child abuse? These are people who have supposedly escaped horrible hardships, only to foist it on others as soon as they get the chance.

Why would we want to accept that kind of sickness into our already unhealthy country?

These are people who foster the attitude that new lands are meant to be conquered (sorry, Middle East) or exploited (sorry, Mexico), not respected. Yet we’re supposed to feel bad when presidential candidate Ben Carson comes out and acknowledges the obvious, saying that traditional Muslim theology – Sharia Law – does not fit with the U.S. Constitution.

Which – newsflash – it doesn’t! Ask anyone who’s ever had a run-in with ISIS or the Taliban or Osama bin Laden.

So it’s really rather worrisome when 12-year-old Yusuf Dayur declares that Carson “shattered” his dreams of becoming the first Muslim president and then posts the video to YouTube. Or, should I say, his parents post it to YouTube.

Because you know that 12-year-old didn’t care about the issue until his immigrant activist parents put him up to it. Just like 5-year-old Sophie Cruz ran up to Pope Francis yesterday to deliver him a letter detailing her concerns that her family will be deported.

That was planned out for nearly a year! By adults, not by her, in case you need that cleared up.

I am not anti-immigration. But I do take a hard line against national suicide, which is what Pope Francis wants us to do. By allowing unfettered foreign influences into America, we lose everything that makes America worthwhile to flee to in the first place.

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  1. I agree 100%. My mother came from Mexico, and I stop way short of Trump's instigative remarks about immigrants. I do not support illegal immigration, but I also understand that some of them are desperate, and I empathize with them. We need to secure our borders, but there's no possible way to deport millions of people. That is fantasy, not reality. Francis is a hypocrite. Until he opens Vatican City for everyone, sells off off the rich properties under ownership of the Catholic church, gives the money to the poor, stops riding around with armed guards, and uses technology to address people instead of flying around the world burning fossil fuels, it's impossible to take him seriously.