Monday, October 12, 2015

Amy Schumer Hosts SNL to Laugh at Guns and The U.S. Constitution

In the liberal world, SNL is supposed to be funny, right? I mean, it’s a bunch of comics doing skits on various issues to make people laugh.

(Like I said, in the liberal world. Not in reality.)

And in the liberal world, guns are horrible, right? After all, they kill people, like at that movie theatre that was playing Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. Who then took to Capitol Hill with her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer to decry how horrible guns are.

Now, Amy Schumer is a comedian in the liberal world. To get an appreciation for her style of humor, understand that she successfully pushed Comedy Central to not bleep out the word “pussy” anymore. Which was great for her devotees since that’s pretty much the punchline of all her jokes.

So anyway, Amy Schumer goes on SNL and does a skit about guns that’s supposed to make people laugh. (You know this because of the pre-recorded laughs during the compiled skit.)

It shows a girlfriend waiting for a boyfriend at a restaurant, a woman jogging, a mother going into labor and other such idyllic scenes, then incorporates guns into each in contrived ways that’s supposed to make the audience chuckle and shake their heads over how stupid conservatives and the United States Constitution are.

But if guns are such a serious issue – if they’re the main reason lives are being destroyed – and if Amy Schumer is so broken up about what happened at the movie theatre showing her movie, then why in the world are we supposed to laugh about it?

I mean, in the real world, good people don’t make jokes about murder. You’d never see conservatives making skits about abortion complete with punchlines and scripted guffaws.

“And then the baby gets its skin burned off with chemicals or gets ripped into tiny pieces while it’s still alive. Hysterical!”

Not funny, right?

Neither is SNL. Or its efforts to destroy the freedoms our Founding Fathers fought and suffered to give us.

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