Monday, October 5, 2015

Ben Carson Takes on Obama Over Oregon Shooting Response

I didn’t listen to President Obama’s remarks about the Oregon community college shooting last week, where 26-year-old Chris Harper-Mercer asked his classmates if they were Christian and shot them in the head if they said yes. If they said no, he shot them in the leg.

I know the president immediately called for stricter gun control, but I otherwise didn’t pay attention considering the monotony of his un-American and egotistical policies these last six years. Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, however, did listen. And he made a thought-provoking point about what he heard.

During a TV interview with Fox News, he asked the question, “Why doesn’t [President Obama] talk about the fact that there are hate crimes and Christians are being targeted. I don’t think he ever even mentioned the word ‘Christian.’”

Now, the show’s host pointed out that perhaps the president hadn’t heard those details yet when he got up to speak. But even if that’s true, it doesn’t say much for the leader of the supposedly free world that he would make such a bold call for change before he knew all the facts… something he does all the time, mind you.

Like with that 14-year-old Muslim boy, Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested after he brought a clock into school that school faculty took for bomb. President Obama immediately went on record to condemn the school and praise Mohamed, going so far as to invite him to the White House.

We found out later, of course, that this teen is a regular troublemaker, who had already been suspended multiple times due to his pranks and disrespect of authority.

So what can we conclude? Muslim perpetrators get invited to the White House, but Christian victims are only good for political propaganda?

I’ll grant you that perhaps that’s too harsh. Because, the way I see it, Obama will use anyone and anything to get his own way, whether Muslim or Christian, Democrat or Republican.

At the same time, he is a lot nicer to his non-Christian pawns then his Christian ones.

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