Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feminists Are Getting Burned by Their Own Power-Hungry Demands for “Equality”

According to her WordPress page, “Kaite Welsh is an author, critic and journalist in Scotland. Her fiction has featured in several anthologies and she writes a regular column on LGBT issues for the Daily Telegraph as well as making frequent appearances on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.”

In other words, she has some seriously misplaced focuses and beliefs.

However, even a broken clock is right twice a day (unless it’s digital, in which case, forget it), and so is the case with Kaite Welsh, who wrote, “Isn’t it often the way? You fight your way from the trenches to the throne, overthrow the corrupt regime and set about remaking the world in your own image, only to realize that you have become the thing you most despised.”

I’m not sure of the context she said it in. I’m assuming it had something to do with women’s issues or the LGBT community. It was certainly cited in an article that covered both topics in relation to Bruce Jenner and his alter ego, Caitlin Jenner, who is quite probably getting that nonsensical and insulting “Woman of the Year” recognition from Glamour Magazine.

Kaite Welsh’s disillusioned statement definitely applies to a situation where feminists are getting burned by the very politically correct environment they’ve been militantly pushing for so long.

But at the risk of getting too introspective, it applies to just about every other aspect of society right now. Like African Americans demanding specialized treatment, only to suffer significantly for those privileges. Like illegal immigrants forcing their way through borders for a better life, making it more difficult for everyone, including themselves, as they do. Or like gaining sexual “freedom” and receiving every other kind of repression in exchange (e.g. STDs, unwanted pregnancies, shame, guilt, depression, the meds necessary to treat depression, etc., etc., etc.).

And conservatives, don’t get all smug just yet. We’re not immune to the abuse of power. Look back to the founding of this country, where the Puritans mistreated people with different religious views despite how they’d been persecuted when they weren’t in charge. Or, today, how many in our ranks support Trump for the sole reason that he says nasty things to the opposition.

If you think we wouldn’t create just as much of a hostile environment as the liberals are now if we had the means, then you’re just as self-deceived as Kaite Welsh is most of the time.

Humans in general aren’t noble enough to handle ultimate power. We’ve proved that too many times now to count.

So why we’re so willing to do so again is beyond me.

Maybe we’re just incompetent all-around.

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